Maybe I've very indecisive. And just saying, PDHPE sounds a lot cooler than just PE. 'PE', two letters, so .. nothing, LOL.

Ag, chem, bio and PDHPE.

Today was Regional Cross Country! I kinda wish I went to Zone/could've went to Zone. Then I could've maybe hung around with the Regional Cross Country crew. :o I was looking at photos last night, and I found the photos from Rice last year. That day was so, so fun, and I realised that it was such a long time ago! This was back before when I only just started to talk to all those Cabra kids more. It was me, Danica, Jenny, Carissa, Lawrence, Thai, Kenny and Aldrich. I remember me and Nick were really close and I called him that day to ask if he was going Rice Fever but I just woke him up and I remember thinking, His voice is deep, LOL. I remember how we ditched Rice for a bit for lunch, and we were walking to Maccas and we stopped at the fountain/water works and we all got soaked. When we actually got to Maccas, though, it was so crowded. I remember like 3 of us got McNugget meals, LOL. Idk but I remember me and Lawrence did. After we ate, we all played with the other water works, and it's in that photo where it looks like Danica and Jenny are pissing? Kk that sounds weird, LOL. I remember there was this massive beach ball, like REALLY BIG and it was like, a globe. OH, I remember New Empire! And how we got hugs from like, Idk, someone from the band. And we all went on the jumping castle. :D And me and someone else but Idk who hid from Danica when she was like, Idk, checking herself out in the mirror or something, LOL. Oh, and in the morning, Danica and Jess took forever, like I'm not joking, forever to get to Cabra station, and when the train came they were standing at the station but couldn't go on cuz they didn't have a ticket. Me, Kenny, Aldrich and Lawrence had to wait for them at Lidcombe, and OMG, I remember it was around this time when Lawrence made me promise him that I'd start playing Maple LOL. I remember that we went to Gloria Jeans afterwards, but Lawrence left with his church group. I got an iced chocolate. And Kenny got the same but he got, like, a white iced chocolate and he was complaining about it. Oh, and I remember how in the morning, when we were at Lidcombe, when Danica and Jess came we started walking to the other platform without them to make them run. And Lawrence and Aldrich said my necklace, which was a swallow, looked like a person or a whale. And anyway, when we were going home, we got off at Idk but some other stop because we had to switch trains, and then we were singing Happy Birthday for Thai, cuz it was his birthday. And then it was getting dark and it was on the train, and Lawrence called and said his church group were stuck at Fairfield because something was up with the lines? And we were all squished onto one train seat, me, Danica, Jenny and Carissa. And we were taking photos the whole way back, LOL, but then Lawrence called and yeah. And then I went to my grandpa's apartment because my mum told me to go there while she went to get groceries, and I had dinner at my grandpa's place that day, lol. OH, and after we ate at Maccas but before we went back to Rice, we were walking around and taking photos, and there were all those like pole-y things, and on the way back, regional cross country crew ie. me and Lawrence, LOL, versed Danica and Thai in a piggy back race and yeah whatever, ofc we pwned them. LOL nah Idk.

But that was the whole reason why I mentioned all that stuff about Rice, lol, cuz I'm not part of the Regional Cross Country Crew. LOL. But um, I hope .. Zone Athletics is fun. I don't think we're gonna make it to Regional, not like last year, how there were only 2 teams so we were automatically into Zone, LOL .. I really hope it's fun. It feels like so long since me, Allen Lo and Lawrence were lying down in the main quad, jigging period 6, cuz we finished regional cross country and why would we wanna go back to class? I had to hold Lawrence's pants and scarf. And omg, last Athletics, we were counting how many times Lawrence took his pants off. And they went through my phone and renamed Eugene in my contacts and then pranked him and then we pranked Nick, and he was like, Uhhh, is this Regina? And we were like, WTF HOW DID YOU KNOW, LOL. And then Jeffrey and Terrence were wrestling, ie. making out LOL jokes. :D And Regina said she'd give me $50 if I could fit in the hole in the cage/fene thing and I did but she wouldn't pay me? I have a video of that. I have a video of Jeffrey and Terrence, too. And this was like a whole year ago since Shadman screwed up his leg. Shit, omg, I miss last year and being part of the Zone/Regional Cross Country/Athletics crew. I love that time of the year. :D I wish I made it for more than just relays, though, this is like .. I can't believe I didn't make 100m! Like first time in so long. :( I miss it.

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