Shot so highhhhh, feel the chemicals collide, you and I, tonight, you're the sugar in my high. When's the last time I listened to Boys Like Girls? All the stuff I've been listening to hasn't been English for ages, lol, but I put my whole iPod on shuffle and this is what I get. :D It's Grace's birthday on Sunday! Pyjama party. That sounds really like 10-year-old, LOL, but omg it's gonna be mad az LOL. :D :D :D

I wonder what I'm going to do these holidays.

Subject selection! I've got it, lol. I'll put PE (1), chem (2), bio (3), ag (4), visual arts (5) and ancient history (6). Or maybe switch around bio and ag, but whatever, just choose an order and stick with it, I guess. I hope I do okay in PE, though, because on the rare occasion when we have PE theory (we've only had 3 theory lessons with Thomas this year), I don't really contribute to class discussions and I'm not too enthusiastic with physical activity. LOL.


Sir Mai's birthday today! We surprised him with a cake and a card kinda which was just a piece of paper we all signed and Danica drew a picture of him. He was talking to us about like .. life, kinda, lol. That sounds weird but, uh, I really like the 'talks' they give at Truong. LOL. Like, they're really .. true? Idk, but I reckon they're so good. Like, I would rather listen to the talks at Truong than the talks they give at church. The talks at Rice were good, though, lol, but yeah no offence but the church talks are really long and I get confused halfway and the rest is like, Um lol wut? D: I sent him a text after class, when I was in the car. And when I was in the car, I realised that Truong has made a huge change to my life, lol. I included him in my art challenge, where you had to make a list of people that have made a significant impact on your life. But like, really, though, he's made a massive change to my life. Idk what I'd be if I hadn't been going there for the past 5 years. OH, and Sir came in during the lesson and Mr Mai was hiding behind the door and Sir started punching him and he's like, Hey what are you doing! And Sir's like, Isn't it your birthday? The receptionist told me it was your birthday! And Sir's like, No it's not! And Sir was like, OMG HE TRICKED ME? AGAIN? HE ALWAYS GETS ME! And he walked out and he's like, I DON'T KNOW WHO TO BELIEVE ANYMORE! Lol they're so cute. LOL. :D And when we sang Happy Birthday for Sir, he was like, Aw guys, don't, don't and he went out of the room and walked back in and was like, Omg don't! Aw, cute. LOL.

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