Okaaayy .. I don't know what subjects to do anymore. I was thinking of trying chem, but I don't know what to drop to do chem! Because if I drop art, then that'll make all my subjects 'serious' subjects; like I'll have no bludge subjects. And then someone on Formspring tells me that biology is shit? And I found out like yesterday that we only have 3 bio teachers (Watts, Spies and the bear guy LOL sorry I don't know how to spell his name. Oh, Schippers) and uh, no offence but I've had Watts for 2 years and Spies for 1, and they're terrible. LOL. :( So I don't know ..


Oh yeah, I got 31 out of 40 for English. Which is alright, lol, but I screwed up the first part, seriously, 14? D: If I got 15 for that part then I would've gotten 80%, oh my gosh. Oh, and science assignment was due today. I finished it. Yay. Doing tennis this session with Vivian, Christie and Grace. It was kinda boring, but Idk, that's cuz tennis is like .. :I Yeah. It was fun when me and Vivian were chucking her tennis balls at my bottle though, like trying to knock it down. CUZ SHE SOMEHOW CHUCKED THE BALL AND THE CAP UNSCREWED, LOL. Wonder what's gonna happen with Vanessa cuz of Mr Pitt, since she called Ms Meakhan (Srsly wtf, how do you spell her name?) a bad teacher to her face and that she didn't learn anything because she never explains anything. Wow, she went there. LOL.

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