I'm sorry but someone on Formspring really pissed me off.

Honestly, you're not poor. You just spend alot of money on superficial items such as pricey clothing and occasionally makeup while everyone else manages to keep a budget and only pamper ourselves once is a while. Just..save up your $50, it'll be a start

Farout. I don't even fucking buy make up and the only money I spend on myself is on coffee, chocolate or like small things. LIKE FRICKEN BOBBY PINS. Last piece of clothing I bought for myself was in like fucking April, but that's cuz fucking Supre vouchers are invalid after 6 months, bro it was $25. TT Farout, I don't fucking pamper myself. I fucking buy presents for friends, not my fucking self, farout seriously that's just pissed me off no jk.

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