Kk guys, I need your help.

FUCKING GOOGLE CHROME. Lol I normally wouldn't say that. Anyway, I really wish I was at subject selection night. Oh, and Google Chrome just crashed on me, farout. Anyway, I really wish I was there @ Subject Selection Night, but like 2 nights ago, my mum was like, Oh nyo, you're not going, you're sick, you know what you're gonna do anyway and I have a doctor's appointment, so nuh-uh, you can't tell me nuthin'. LOL. ANYWAY, but it mega sucks, cuz like for the past few days at home, I've been thinking about taking 13 units. :'( But I don't know what I'm going to do, and I just figured out another problem with that.

3u maths
2u advanced English
2u PE
2u chem
2u bio
1u photography (to make up the extra unit required)

That was like, my plan. And I had it all sorted out and everything. And now I've been toying with the idea of taking up another 2 unit subject instead of stupid 1 unit photography. I remember last time there was a subject selection evening, though, it didn't really make a difference to what I ended up choosing. But that's also cuz I had Genvin telling me that year 9 and 10 electives did not matter.

.. Thanks. :0 LOL. So now I'm thinking:

Instead of 1 unit photography → 2 unit art (?)
I usually get heaps of stress from art, and if I don't like the work I'm doing then I'll usually procrastinate like no tomorrow, do everything in the last minute and it'll be shit, or not finishing my work. But, if I like what I'm doing then I'll usually put a lot more effort into it but I still might procrastinate a lot and end up having to stay up late. But art is fun, and I've really come to like my art class and Miss Ross. :D

But then I was thinking, why art? Cuz I realised that art is actually pretty cool, when I like what I'm doing. But that's kinda risky; what if I don't like what I'm doing, and end up regretting choosing art. :0 Year 11 and 12 art is kinda different, though, I think. I'm pretty sure you'd have more freedom with the stuff you do. We pretty much do whatever we want in art right now, lol, or we have been for this year. Bro, Lisa even got like a whole new canvas and started her oil painting again. So I'd wanna do art cuz it's fun. :D

But then I realised that I do good in ag, and I was considering doing ag like a while ago, way before I thought about doing chem and stuff. So shit, bro:

Instead of 1 unit photography → 2 unit ag (?)
I usually do good in ag. I don't really care too much about the pracs, but it's not like I'm one of those girls that full scream and are scared of the animals. Ag should be okay, but so far it's just a lot of remembering stuff and recalling procedures from experiences and stuff. Oh and labelling stuff, haha. But umm, like I usually do good in ag exams and I get good marks for assignments, but it's not too fun, like I think art is more fun than ag.

Cuz ag, chem and bio are related? That's what my dad just said, lol, but bio and ag should be kinda related, right? And I do good in ag, like every year except for year 7 cuz I didn't exactly study .. at all in year 7, LOL = 52% for science, LOL. The reasons why I would do ag is cuz I do good in ag, but I heard last year's HSC exam for ag was hard. But that's not really it, like, I don't really see myself doing ag as a HSC subject, but oh well, whatever.

Okay so basically, I don't know if I should do

2u agriculture
(subject where I do usually do good at, like 85%+, but omg I thought it was so cool this year that I studied the day before and got 90% lol sry I love saying that though)

or 2u art
(subject where I do good I guess if I put effort into it, and I'll only put effort into it if I like what I'm doing, but I think year 11/12 shouldn't be a question of if I don't like what I'm doing cuz there's heaps of freedom but I really suck at painting portraits, lol).

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