Wow, introducing iPhone 4. :o I'm excited, LOL. Hmm, I can't wait till the contract I have for my phone right now finishes, so I can get a new phone. That'll be like, next year in June, though, LOL, so I have this phone for another year. :I Yay. Whoa shit zomg there's a 5MP camera on iPhone 4. :o Omg man I badly want one. FML. :( Full jealous, lol. :'( It looks a bit weird, though, like different to the other iPhones and it looks more like, Idk, geometric, kinda.

Oh I'm not so sick anymore. But my throat isn't full normal yet. I don't think I'm going school tomorrow, but Idk? And I don't think I'm going Subject Selection cuz I don't think my mum can be bothered going either. o__o This sucks, lol. I full wanna go shopping! :O But it's kinda weird, like, when I actually do go shopping like, go out and stuff, I don't actually buy stuff. :S Like at home, I'll look online and be like, Omg I have to get it when I go out, but when I actually go out, I'm just like, Oh yeah, that's pretty. It's not like I forget to buy it, but I just don't really wanna get it, kinda. SHIT WTF HAPPENED TO TUMBLR, IT'S BLACK NOT BLUE. LOL. :O Anyway, so I don't even know what I want anymore, in terms of clothes and stuff. I think I need a new bag. Idk, I want a lot of things, but I don't know what I want the most to spend my money on. I only have like $50, and that's the most I've had in like, months. And I owe Vivian a birthday present, and Angela $12 and Grace's birthday is coming up. This sucks, why am I so poor.

Idk why I found this so funny LOL.

Okay maybe I should get off Tasha Nghiem's Tumblr. Why is she so sexy for. :'(

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