SICK. Don't think I'mgoing school for the rest of the week. Don't think I'm going Subject Selection Evening, even though I kinda want to cuz I'm not 100% if I'll do photography as a 1 unit subject. Ughhh, I wanna go. I slept at like 11pm yesterday, so early, and then stayed in bed until like 4pm today. LOL. I don't think I have a fever nemore .. But my throat still kills and I still need to rest, lol.

My mum said that every night she'll take my phone, andthen I can get it off her in the morning. Don't know if she'll actually do that, but I think we should be able to find ways around that. At least until she forgets about collecting my phone ..

Fuck my life, being sick = can't eat everything you want to. :'(

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