I didn't even go Truong. It started 10 minutes ago and I'm at home. I sent a message to Sir and he replied, 'That's ok. U lie to me u die ahaha'. LOL. I went to Cabra to see a doctor earlier and saw Jing and I think I saw Christie across the road. I really wanna make a dessert over the long weekend. Oh, and I kinda started science assignment but forgot about it like halfway through my day. :( Tomorrow .. Maybe I should go shopping? Maybe not. I'm not really sick anymore, my throat is pretty much fine and my fever's completely gone. But that's not saying I'm jigging Truong, no jokes I wanna go, I don't like skipping Truong, but my mum doesn't want me to. :o

I wanna be like, full really badass and know how to speak all these languages. Like I was thinking in the car, like everyone's got their 'thing', right? Like Wendy's really good at English and Margaret's really good at maths. What am I like mega good at? I wanna be really cool and have something I'm really good at. Like really good. I don't know what, though, lol. Or what I should work on, so that it's really really good. :o

Kk I found two new Tumblrs: http://fuckyeahkpopfaces.tumblr.com and http://fuckyeahbeastfaces.tumblr.com. And I was looking at Doojoon's amazing face needs it's own fucking tag from beastistheb2st. I think I'm maybe like really immature sorry lol. :o

This is a really really bad photo, wtf happened to Doojoon's hair! :O

Oks sorry I'm really immature LOL. The different sizes of the photos really annoy me. TT

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