Went city today, but I'm kinda tired. Umm, went with Nick to celebrate my birthday, only I woke up almost 2 hours late and we were late by like half an hour or an hour? LOL. Social was last night and I was going through photos and omg, some are soo fucking funny, farout, LOL.

But um, yeah, met at Livo this morning at around 9:47am, and missed our train by like .. Idk, but just by a bit! :( Okay actually, I don't remember how much we missed the train by but whatever? So we got to Central at like, Idk, closer to 11am I think, and then I got a creme brulee expresso chiller I think from GJ? AND IT WAS SO BITTER, makes me wanna cry. LOL. Oh yeah but I wore my Mooks jumper out, I really like it. As in, I fricken love it. LOL. :D OH YEAH, Nightmare on Elm Street really sucks, like I jumped like once in the whole movie, and that wasn't actually a scary part. :( But it's not a scary movie, guys, fricken, Freddie looks like crap. :( Sorry. But Chris, Idk how to spell her name, is pretty. LOL. :D

ANYWAY so like we got to Central, got GJ thennnnn went to Market City. OMG there's a 50% off sale at Morning Glory, haha, but I didn't get nething. Oh yeah, and the girl working at AKA was pretty. Um, but yeah, went to Thai Kee and got like 3 packs of chips and we only ate one pack in the end, sorry Nick. :( And we got drinks and I got a box of 'slender' Pocky which is just Pocky but it's SKINNER, IT'S SO CRAZY LOL I'm easily amused or smth. :( But the box was cute so I wanted it LOL. Um, and then after that, we went to K-Pop shop with J-Dramas and J-Pop and they were playing Say No, and then Shock and then some bs by SNSD. LOL. :p And then we were walking to Greater Union and um, I kinda forgot my student ID. :'( So I was like, Oh fuck are you serious, so we can't watch Nightmare on Elm Street? So we went back in the line and got served by another guy, and he was like, Okay yep, so you wanna watch Robin Hood? Which is MA15+, and we're like, Oh then can we get Nightmare on Elm Street and he was alright with it, cuz he gave Nick a parent ticket LOL and I was student. Farout, sorry Nick. :( Cuz in the end, the movie sucked and these lebo's in front of us were dicks. Not like full mega intense annoying or nething but they were playing with the curtain and that was fucking annoying. TT"

And then after that, we went Pepper Lunch, and then the rest of the day was just walking around. Went GPC, and there's an alright sale there and there was this Lee singlet that I really wanted from ages ago, $30 down from $49.95, but they only had a size 12! :( Soo cut, omg. I went into the newest GPC too, the one near Myer, but that was kinda crowded and I didn't look around that much. We were kinda tired so we just sat for a while, in .. thingo. That place. Err, the lowest floor of the building with Kinokuniya. Isn't that QVB? LOL. Um, so yeah and we were like, Hmm we have 45 minutes left, so maybe let's go somewhere else to sit, so we went to Freedom, and that was actually really fun! :D Cuz we could sit on the couches and look at beds and stuff, keke, that was really fun I reckon. :D And we went into Kinokuniya after that, but it was really fun .. :)

Omg, full wanna go to Ikea with Nick, now. Like what they did in 500 Days of Summer. Only I didn't like that movie, err, sorry, but Idk why there's so much hype about it. :( OH YEAH, there's a sale at Mooks! Actually, there are sales everywhere, maybe I should actually shop. Oh! There's this nice ring at GPC, it's just silver and it has a cross on it, and it was like $19.95. TT" And I didn't find the Billie Tie Tee or nething, but I saw other stuff and didn't get it cuz Idk, I didn't really feel like it. Well, like I see it and I think, Oh yeah that's nice, but Idk, nothing in me is telling me that I should buy it. Idk, weird. :I

Then after that we caught the train home, I was gonna go to Cabra, and it was via Bankstown line so it was more empty and the ride was longer, and I got to Cabra at around 6:20pm. Sorry Nick, for making you train it back to Livo and then wait and then go to Glenfield and then wait, and then go to Padstow. And sorry for how I bought too much food. And sorry for how I made you wait in the morning, even though you woke me up but I fell asleep again. I love you so much for today, thank you so much! :D I really really miss you, and today was really funnnnn. ^^!

Anyway, so I met my mum and then we went to family friend's kinda place, but more like my parent's friends, and we had dinner there and there was this kid who was talking to me and he's like 5 years old and like yeah I know him but he's kinda weird, he came up to me and was like .. Idk, just like sitting on the floor, RIGHT AT MY FEET, and he was just staring at me, and like sitting mega close like less than 20cm from me, gahh. And he started talking to me and pulled up a chair next to me and was just facing me, and he's asking me all this stuff, like, Do you like chocolate chip cookies? Do you like chocolate cookies? Do you like beef? Do you like ... carrots? AND ASKING ME ALL THIS STUFF, and he's like, What's your favourite TV channel? What do you like to look at? And I have no idea what I'm meant to say to that, LOL, and I asked him, Idk, what do you like to look at? And he's like, I like looking at pretty girls, so what do you like looking at? And omg, he was just so weird but it was kinda funny if you were SOMEONE ELSE LOL T__T"". And umm, idk, I ate there and went home and went through the photos from last night, social. On Katie's Facebook. SOOO FUNNY. Stephen looks like a fricken dirty bushman. LOL. And that guy that I temporarily forgot his name, was like .. LOOKS naked. He's in the photo above, LOL.

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