That was from my art challenge 2 thing. I don't think I actually did the challenge right, and I wanna redo it. Just redo one for Country Fair, or just add a note to it or something, Idc that it doesn't get marked or nething. I feel so bad when I read what I wroe now, lol. I don't normally write like that as well, if you were wondering.

Hey, random, but I don't like Dae Sung from Big Bang. Well, he's my least favourite, I don't know why. And sometimes, I think TOP looks really awkward. Like I have this MV where they did Wonderful and this other song live, and it's like a 9 minute clip or something, and at the beginning of the clip, TOP looks just so awkward. If anyone's wondering, then TOP's wearing a pink blazer/tux/thingo, during the time he looks awkward. LOL. But not cuz he's wearing it.

In the order I got them in, this is the stuff I got on my birthday. OMG I forgot to take a photo of Grace's card, omg. TT

Genvin bought me Mean Girls on DVD. Even though it's not really a big present, I think it was kinda cute how he crossed out the price and wrote $ten billion. Cuz months ago, I was full nagging him to download Mean Girls for me, but he didn't, and yay, now I have it on DVD. So I watched it today, haha. Oh, and he made my birthday card on the back of a T-Way ticket.

From Wendy and Michelle! Omg I love these fairy lights now, seriously, and I really wanna go Ikea so I can buy more. These lights are meant to be like for a chain of lanterns, but when I realised I got fairy lights, I was just thinking, like, OMG FAIRY LIGHTS, so I hung them up on my wall. Only bad thing about these is that there's no switch, so the only way I can turn it on/off is if I unplug the whole thing. And doing that makes me feel .. brutal. LOL. But omg I love them, thanks Wendy and Michelle! :D

Vanessa was writing my card and birthday letter while I was sitting next to her in history, so I could watch the whole process of her rip a page from her book and use all the things in her pencil case to make me this stuff. And yay, a paper condom. (And btw, the OMG I know how babby formed is an inside joke. :D)

I thought the end of Vivian's birthday letter was so, so cute! That little cat, ngaw, it's so cute. :D And I couldn't take a good photo of the paper she made me. :(

Card from Danica! She better make me one every year, LOL. And her mum signed it, and Danica was complaining cuz her mum's writing was messy, lol, her mum's writing is so cute LOL. I should change the card that I left in my Truong folder, it's been there for like a year and smells like really really gross plastic/glue. :(

Nick got me heaps of stuff, but I couldn't get a proper photo of my Mooks jumper, cuz it was too dark. :( I love strawberry Pocky, and I bought slender chocolate Pocky yesterday, and I opened it today and whoa, it really is slender! LOL I'm so weird. :s But Nick wrote me a small book, and it's just kinda like a really really long birthday letter. :) Everyone's probably already seen my Adidas hoodie cuz it's like the warmest thing I have lol, so I've been wearing it for like the whole week at school, LOL. :D 'Mooks' and 'Adidas' are backwards cuz I had to take them in a mirror. :(

Apparently it's not a book end, lol, but it's just like white wooden letters. Oh, they're kinda big a well, say like 20cm tall. They're from my sister, and she got them from Typo in Melbourne, before there was one in Parra. She also got me a X and Z. I really wanna go get more, cuz I wanna get, like, STUDY or something, LOL. TT And whoa, the sky looks really blue here.

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