I finished one of the English homework tasks last night. Oh wait, I think I might've said that already in my last post. I'm not sure, LOL. But I tried doing one of the visual tasks and omg it was just like so boring, lol, so I did around 1/3 or something of it? I'm kinda confused, cuz I think it'll end up just repeating it all, cuz it's like, What's the differences/similarities; how do they use visual techniques/whatever to tell you stuff about the plot/nature/themes of Macbeth and stuff. So Idk, I just explained all the visual things in both posters so far, LOL.

Oh yeah, didn't go school again. I think I'm feeling a lot better, though. Well better than yesterday, but I still have a sore throat, my eyes still kill and my head is still a bit achey? OMG, GUESS WHAT GUYS, NEXT MONTH, GENVIN'S GONNA MEET JESSICA T. LOL. :O LIKE THEY'RE GONNA BE GOING OUT IN A MASSIVE GROUP TO SURRY HILLS MARKETS, AND JESS T IS GONNA BE THERE OMGGGGG WHOA MAN. TT'


Yeah, but there are all these sales atm! Like everywhere! And I would post photos of my birthday stuff, but the camera is out of battery. I have a feeling I'm not gonna end up posting anything, but who knows, LOL. I'm like, kinda worried, cuz I have no idea where my iPod is! :O Grace might have it, but she might not, I really really don't know, but last time I was listening to stuff on it was on Wednesday, when we had sport .. And Idk if Grace gave it back, but I kinda hope she didn't cuz I spent like the last few minutes looking for it (err, but not really thoroughly or anything, LOL) and Idk where it is. FML! :O

Oh, and apparently Eugene bought me a $5 ring from General Pants. Shit man, I have to go there soon, I want $5 rings and cheap singlets. LOL. :D

1. Piece By Piece Canvas Lace-Ups $15.00 (was $39.95)
2. Subtitled Billy Tie Tee $20.00 (was $49.95)
3. Insight Death Switch Tee $30.00 (was $49.95)
4. Ksubi Free Tee Dress $40.00 (was $89.95)

1. Dotti Harlem Boot $69.95
2. Bardot Navy Sailor Jacket $99.95

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