Fuck, fricken sick with a fever. Since like last night, though, but full been feeling so .. crap. I hate getting a fever! But it sucks, cuz every time I get sick, it's always a fever. :( Today was Zone Cross Country, my first year ever not going. Sorry Wendy! I told you to go but I didn't even end up doing it. Man, this year sucks, hopefully Athletics will be good. Athletics Crew, LOL. :D Doing English homework tasks .. I did the metalanguage one, and I don't know exactly what the mindmap is meant to be on. Like, I did it in class but I didn't even finish it, and I didn't save it, LOL. But aw, English sucks, and I have to do it, cuz it says you have to email it to her or USB it. I don't know if I'm going to go school tomorrow .. I kinda don't want to. But if I don't get better by Saturday, I can't go out and celebrate my stupid birthday.

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