Omg so today was like, pretty mad. :D I can't even get onto a computer right now, so maybe I'll add a photo tomorrow, or something. But okay, this morning I stayed up till like 4:20am doing my art sketch, and ended up sleeping closer to 5am cuz I was mounting stuff onto cardboard. But I've finished everything for art, now, kinda! ^^ Like I haven't finished my oil painting, but whatever, I can't do anything about that. And I didn't finish my tonal sketch and I think Miss is gonna be really annoyed about that .. Especially when I put like heaps
of effort into my other realistic portrait. I really like it, full spent ages doing the hair. Oh crap, I still gave Christie's rubber! TT But I really like my art stuff now .. Well, not really, but I like it a lot more than yesterday, LOL. And Emily and Liza really liked it, so like yay, people like it, I'm happy, LOL. Um .. Oh, I got my geo half yearly back today! Full did good, for geo, and my standards are pretty crap but like, I didn't even study for this shit, man, and I got 30/40! :D It was meant to be 29, but they marked one question wrong. And for the geo RAP assignment, I got 13/15, which is good enough, right? :D So yeah, I'm pretty happy with how I did in my half yearlies so far.

Period 3 was maths, and Danica was like, Let's go art room, I wanna see your stuff. Oh, the portrait I finished this morning, the tonal sketch, yeah, full spent ages trying to make the hair nice, but this is like the first portrait of me I actually finished this year, LOL. So anyway, I went to the art room at lunch and we were just looking around and stuff. So it was me, Grace, Vivian and Danica, and I don't know if we were meant to be in there or what, but whatever. And if anyone wants to see my work then like yay, it's behind the whiteboard. Which is why heaps of people don't see it. Oh! Grace wrote a card for me, and sketched me and stuck a picture of JoKwon next to me, LOL. :D But yayay, thanks Grace! I love getting like cards and stuff, keke. Newais, so us four were in the art room, then Sophiea, Liza and like two other people I think were running and they're like, OMG GUYS, LISA LAI FAINTED, OMG COME and shit, and so we ran back to the group and um, like, I kinda believed that Lisa Lai actually did faint? :( LOL.

So we were full running back to the group and they had prepared all this stuff for my party and it was so nice! :D And Clement walked by and was like, Oh it's [MY CUZ] Genevieve's birthday? And he gave us a box of wedges. But omg, best party ever! Full had soo much food, we couldn't finish it, omgsh. And they ordered pizza and got it delivered to the school, that was soo fkn mad LOL. :D :D And Vanessa made baby cakes and in the icing, it was like, HAPPY BIRTHDAY GENEVIEVE, and Jenny had baked cupcakes as well, and they had a chocolate cake from Woolworths, omg, so much cake. And they had like drinks and chips and lollies and stuff, and Yvy and Jenny got out of period 3 just to put up balloons and streamers, and Yvy had brought like duct tape for it and everything, LOL. It was sooooo nice, omg, best birthday party ever, full love you guys! ^^! And they sang happy birthday like in some weird way and it was like full slow and fkn depressing and shit, LOL, and Sophiea even did the Happy birthday Mr Wonderful thing HAHA. :D It was sooo cool guys, omg, thank you so much everyone! ^^! full made me happy and I full didn't see it coming, frkn, I actually believed Lisa fainted. :( LOL. And we had all these extra balloons and cake and food and we ate that during sport. Sport was cool, everyone was just in the hall and we were lying down on the squishy gymnastic mats and making shapes with our hands and watchikng Korean MVs on my iPod and shit, keke. :D

Full good day and party, omg, yay! :D You guys are soo cool, full dedicated, that's so sweet! :D And after school, I met up with Nick and got told off by Keegan cuz my hoodie and nail polish and now she wants me to come to her office tomorrow morning. Sif I'm gonna do that? She asked me for my name, but whatever, man, and toda was like the 2nd time Mr Dillon has seen me and Nick together, in the school, LOL.


Yesterday was full mad, too. It was kinda sus in the morning though, cuz I got off the train and look over and like our whole group is across the line, LOL, and I was walking with Grace and she's like to Vivian, What, we're doing it today? I thought it was tomorrow, and I'm like, LOL I'm gonna be mega busy in the art room at lunch, though. And Vivian or someone was like, If you can't go to the party then we'll bring the party to you, and like how am I meant to know if they're serious or not, LOL. But omg, at lunch, I was in the art room and like almost all of the Art Crew were there as well, and then my whole group comes in, full singing Happy Birthday soo loudly, I was so scared Miss Ross was gonna come in and tell us off. :( But they brought a cake, and I think someone had a drink but I don't think they actually opened it, and they gave me a spork to cut the cake and I'm pretty sure it was OTL cake, but it had Oreos in it! That was so cool! LOL. So we cut the cake and that was cool, we just shared it around my group and people were looking at everyone else's works and that was really nice of them .. Like to actually come with cake and stuff, the whole group. And Vivian gave me like a side hug kinda thing, and I was like Whoaa, LOL. And I hug Grace/Grace hugged me today! Like whoa, right, she used to be full, err, against that. Like that awkward best friend hug we did before she left for Japan/Korea, on the train, LOL. But yesterday was cool, and at year assembly, Mitchell, Wendy, Clement, Alvin C and Cheryl-Annr performed Wedding Dress (English cover) and Wendy was like, Happy birthday Genevieve, for yesterday. And I'm like Omg thank you, LOL. And Alvin is such a badass, full rapping and stuff, the whole performance was so cute. :D

So um, like, my birthday has been celebrating for like 3 days now? LOL YAYAY. :D

Btw, if anyone reads my artwork where I wrote about my birthday, ON my birthday, then omg like I feel so bad, cuz I was complaining that I didn't even get a cake on my birthday, and I ended up getting like 4 from friends. CUZ I DIDN'T DO NETHING ON MY ACTUAL BIRTHDAY! Full felt lonely, LOL, like at home, we didn't even eat dinner together, I just ate my bowl of bun rieu, sitting on the couch, watching Masterchef, LOL. And my parents didn't even get me a cake. :( Like, bro, they at least buy a muffin for my fricken dog when it's it's birthday, LOL. But aww, overall, you guys made my birthday celebrations so good. Like, altogether, this was a mad birthday! :D I feel so slack on my artwork, I was like, today was only good cuz like Nick visited and shit. But aww, I feel so slack/negative when I think about the work now. :( Sorry for anyone who reads it. :(

Oh, and yesterday, I opened my gift from Wendy and Michelle, like actually opened it and stuff, and it's like a chain of lanterns? But I'm so hyped, there's like a short chain of fairy lights, and I was just like OMG FAIRY LIGHTS, and put them up and they make my room sooo nice! At night, it full gives my room a really warm and cosy light, it looks really nice, well like, I really like it, thanks Wendy and Michelle!

I still have to take photos of all the stuff I got. But like a full lost of things I got: (a) chain of lanterns from Typo, from Wendy and Michelle; (b) Mean Girls on DVD, from Genvin, and he left the price tag on and it was like $12.95 or smth and be crossed it out and wrote '$ten billion', aww; (c) cookie and Caramello, from Yvy and I think Jacquie; (d) handmade card and Freddo, from Danica; (e) handwritten birthday letter which I rkn is full cute and some pretty paper, from Vivian; (f) birthday card and sketch of me with Jo Kwon LOL, from Grace; (g) Mooks jumper and Adidas hoodie which are both sooo nice, strawberry Pocky and handmade birthday card/book with table of contents, so cute LOL, from Nick; (h) capital G, X and Z white wooden bookends from Typo, from Steph, I wanna go there and get more, X and Z are kinda random lol; (i) that sweet Asian cracker thing and two Kopikos from Liza; (j) really seductive and kinky lapdance, handmade card which said 31st May was no one's birthday and handwritten birthday letter complete with paper condom, from Vanessa; and (k) red pocket from my parents. Omg it looks like soo much stuff when I write it out like that. I'll take photos as soon as possible, I guesssss. Fk, I love you guys! Thanks so muh for the surprise parties, hugs, cards and presents! :D And l these randoms said it as well, like some teachers and like not really randoms like I don't know them or something but yeah. Aww, you guys are the best, thank you sooooo much for the best birthdayy ever, omggg! (L) :D!!

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