Omgosh, thanks for everyone for birthday wishes, yesterday! Couldn't even go on msn to see how many people had my birthday in their pm. :'( Thanks to my group who came and brought the party to me at lunch today, in the art rooms, and thanks for everyone who got me a present or card! :D (Nick, Genvin, Steph, Vanessa, Danica, Vivian, Wendy). Oh and people that said happy birthday. ^^ So stressed, even though all the art stuff was due today. I'm like kinda disappointed with the stuff I put up. Challenge 2 was meant to be like my badass mega good challenge, but I didn't finish and had to fill up empty space with crap. It's terrible. :I I have to hand in my VAPD tomorrow .. gotta finish 2 sketches, didn't 100% finish my painting, ugh, don't think Miss is gonna be too happy. Getting marks deducted cuz handing in tomorrow morning. Um, thanks Nick for coming again, and everyone that said HBD! (L) ! Oh, but I'm really really busy. Which sucks. 15, finally, yeah? WILL POST PHOTOS ASAP.

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