I haven't even been online that much. Like I haven't even been online properly in like 3 days. Anyway, I've been really busy, and we've been getting exam marks back, and wow, I've done pretty well, I guess, yay! :D History, 84%; ag, 87.5% but it got scaled up by 4 marks, so 91%, and apparently only 11 people in the grade got over 90%, yay; and commerce I got 95%, but that's cuz .. yeah. Oh, but to counter all that, we had a maths topic test where like no one finished and I left out 13 or 14 marks out of 50, no jokes. Worst maths test I ever did. Oh, but there was no Truong test on Friday. So no homework and no test, yay. It was good, though, cuz I forgot to study two things. Well I actually didn't have time, but yeah. Oh, Truong was in the social promotional video. I thought that was kinda cool.

.. Truong is so cool, no jokes. LOL. :s

I finished English assignment on Friday, period 1 and got it all handed in. I'm kinda proud of it, cuz I drew and coloured in all the pictures myself! :D And people were like, Aw that's so cute. Oh and my mum liked it, yay. LOL. Like she said it was cute.

I went to church today. It was interesting at first, but then at one point it got really boring and then it was alright again. Oh yeah, I took one photo for art today, worked a tiny bit on exploration challenge 3 and I'm thinking up of mad-ass ideas for challenge 1 and 2. Cuz I decided to re-do 2. 4 is so boring, all I have as rubbish is like 3 tissues, a piece of Gladwrap and a strip of paper. LOL. Haven't started challenge 5 but I plan to finish it today. Like, what I wanna do is get all my photos for challenge 1 ready to print tomorrow, then when I'm out tomorrow, I'll go buy a sheet of white cardboard and probably some black as well, for challenge 2. And I plan to leave my painting last, or somewhere near there. I haven't even unwrapped it since I brought it home; fuck, I hate it.

Things to do today, even though it's already 9:23pm:
1. Start and preferably finish sketches of the human anatomy and shit (challenge 5).
2. Do a LOT on portrait sketch (art challenge 3).
3. Get photos ready for printing tomorrow (resizing, collecting, etc).
4. Decide exactly what to do for art challenge 1 and 2 and brainstorm/record ideas and stuff for that.

Wtf Jokwon LOL.

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