Gonna blog properly later, but I have $6.80 of credit and 1 minute 30 seconds of free 3 to 3 calls. Last updated on the 20th May. If I prank you, please don't reject my call or pick up, I hang up after 8 rings.


I'm kinda excited right now. Okay maybe not. LOL. Today was a pretty cool day, closed weekend and Nick skipped a tutorial to visit me. Yay! :D Um, so not much happened in school and we had that bitch teacher sub for science and omg I have no idea how to spell her name, it's like, Meakin? Idk but whatever, lol, and she told off Anna G and Kabhi, and I was drawing something on my hand and she's like, Funny, what are you looking at, and I'm like, Nothing. And she just walked away. Omg she's such a bitch, she told me and Vanessa off for singing B2ST before, LOL. Anyway, um, not much happened in PE .. We played netball, wow, I know how to play netball (not really). LOL. In ag, there was a black chair .. Like you never see black chairs in school, right, it's just blue, beige-ish, green and yellow with your occasional red chair, and like omg, a black chair, right? :o So I was like, WHOA MAN, A BLACK CHAIR! And Vanessa's like, Oh wut, you racist? And so for the whole lesson, McCord talked to us about racism, and how he believes everyone is, to an extent, racist and stuff. LOL. What a badass. In art, we didn't do much and I drew pictures. Lol. :)

After school, heaps of people went Livo, a whole crew of year 10 kids, to watch Nightmare On Elm Street. Um, like sorry, I can't watch that, I'm 14, I'm not mature enough for that shit. HAHAHA. :o And happy birthday, Holly! We sang happy birthday for her in maths. Anyway, so Nick met me at Glenfield station after school, and we went Livo together. I haven't been Livo in like, forever! And I checked out like all the sales and stuff, and omg they have the heels I want at Rubi again, and there's this floral-ish skirt at Dotti (mainly pink with like a few other colours) and it's on the sale rack, and it's currently 30% off sale items! :O But they didn't have my size, and I didn't have money anyway, but omg I mega want it, lol. Umm, there's a silver and white version of my wallet .. Hmm, I don't remember that much other stuff I want, but omg man, (OH YEAH, I got into Moodle today in maths, from Vivian's laptop, yay! :DD!) I really wanna go shopping? :o Oh, went Myer and looked at underwear. OH, went Mossimo and looked at underwear! And omg there's like new stock and it's light purple or blue marle with black, OMG sooo nice. :o

Anyway so yeah, I wanna go shopping. Full wanna get like 30/40 denier stockings; black boot heels or just heels; these fingerless black gloves from Dotti that are sooo badass; distressed denim shorts, I saw a nice pair at Globalise that was like pretty okay .. Idk, I wanna get all this stuff! :(

Wait, what the fuck, I can't get into Moodle, it says my pw is wrong? Wth?

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