Just finishing up with Liar Game .. I think I'm gonna have to rewatch the last episode, though, cuz I wasn't paying full attention and stuff. But wow, just finished! It's really good. :D Gotta watch Liar Game 2 sometime .. Anyway, nothing really happened at school and tomorrow's a closed weekend. I think I might just go home, though. Not sure if I'm going Avi/George's, as well, cuz I'm -$12.80 so I can't afford birthday presents, and I have work to do. So I don't know. Today, I did everything on my wishlist except get onto Moodle, but I got my password reset so I should be fine! :) Um, was gonna say something but it looks like I've forgotten.

I'm kinda excited about my birthday .. I really wanna go shopping. I wanna get new stockings, heels and distressed shorts. And a bag! Yeahh! :D OH, AND GLOVES. Gonna have to find some shorts before new season stock = no shorts. :o

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