So far, since the end of term 1, things with school have been pretty sucky for me. During the holidays, I had to do my commerce, history, geography and art assignment. After all that was done, I had to stress about exams and write study notes and study them only days before the exam date. After that, I thought things would've been a lot eased, but I have an English assignment due in 9 days and I pretty much everything we've been doing since term 1 in art (tonal portrait, oil painting, 6 art challenges, triptych based on our completed art challenges and all the theory work) is due in around 2 weeks, on the 1st of June. I haven't started my English assignment, I have to do Truong homework and I haven't completed any of my work for art, not even one challenge. Avi and George are having a black and white themed party on Saturday. What the fuck am I doing, oh my gosh.

Things to do on Thursday -
  • Ortho at 3:50pm
  • Check Spotlight for stuff I need for art assignment
  • Finish Truong homework (if not completed)
  • Register for Moodle
  • Work on something for art

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