I made creme brulee today and I messed up the recipe a lot ish, but it turned out good but we don't have a blowtorch and making the burnt sugar crust is effing taking like 198439084 years, so I cbb to do that. Anyway, I ended leaving them in the oven for like 2 hours instead of 40 minutes because they weren't cooking. Oh, so I had one, and only made 2 cuz my mum was being a bitch lol, and like .. I think it's nice but I got sick of it quickly. :I

I haven't started English assignment .. I decided which challenge to do for Art Challenge 3, and I should be working on it a lot more .. OH, people are at Avi/George's party at the moment! Wow, I totally forgot about it. Yeah, but I have heaps of work to do and I keep procrastinating. So anyway, the art challenge I'm doing from the 3rd group is where you, using the grid technique, enlarge a photo of yourself. So yeah, I took photos of myself and I was looking at it and my forehead is darker than the rest of my face, wtf. LOL. So I was looking at it and like omg my skin is so bad, so I edited it and I took my eye bags away and like shit, I look mega Asian/different without it. Cuz everyone has bags, man, it can't look right without it, LOL.

Omg, yesterday, looked up all these vids of Jo Kwon dancing, soo fucking funny. And a while ago, I posted up a photo from Tumblr, and it had 4 pictures where Onew was being kissed by Jung Juri and he was screaming, omg, I found the vid for it and it is SOOO CUTE. HE'S SO CUTE OMG.

Start watching from around 2:46? HE IS THE CUTEST THING EVER.

Dongho sucks compared to Jo Kwon, LOL. :D

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