A few days ago, me and Nick decided that he'd pick me up from school on Tuesday, we'd hang around and then he'd drop me off at home. So uh, I found his car after school and we were gonna go somewhere, just anywhere cuz I couldn't decide on a place, and his car's battery was flat. LOL. So yeah, LOL, we couldn't actually leave and the cars around us were going out, so it was just our car and a few of the staff, and then we went to the office and asked if anyone could help, and they called Mr Payne cuz he said he had a jump cable. So we waited around the car, and then Mr Payne came, wooo, and Mr McCord was there cuz he was going home and passed us, LOL, and turns out Payne didn't have the jump cable cuz someone had taken it out or smth. And I was just standing there and Payne's like to me, So is this your brother? And I'm like, Oh yeah. LOL. So after that, we tried going back to the office but they were going home, and so Nick called his mum and she was like, Okay I'll come. And we were waiting around, and then Mr Dillon was packing stuff into his car, and the office lady we were talking to came with Yates and was like, Is your car auto or manual? And Nick's like, Auto, and Yates (cuz Yates, the office lady and Dillon were all standing around near Dillon's car) was like, Oh good luck, mate, LOL. And Nick was like, Haha nah it's okay, I called my mum .. Hey Sir, LOL, to Mr Dillon, and Dillon's like, That's Nick Lee to Yates, LOL. So errr, Idk if they saw me cuz I was in the passenger seat, but that's kinda weird if they do but uh, okay, LOL. In the end, his mum came and we got the car started and I got driven home. And got home on time and everything. :)

Got home, and ate some chicken, and watching Liar Game .. When I actually have heaps of work to do. Kk gotta work, and I'll watch the 145 minute long episode later. LOL.

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