Hmm. Watching Liar Game. I don't remember much of today, so nothing probably happened? I'm gonna go tutor later, which sucks, lol, I don't wanna go, it's so boring. :( And I haven't gone in like 2 weeks. Oh, I think a letter's been sent home because I haven't registered for Moodle yet, cuz I forgot my student ID today and couldn't get my password changed. Hopefully my parents don't mind too much about it, because I'll just have to explain to them that my password didn't work, therefore they fucked up. :o LOL. We got the date where all our stuff is due for art; 1st June. That's like kinda soon, cuz we have a lot of stuff due for it. Also, English assignment is due in 11 days. Fml! :O

Grace might like this?

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