Busy atm cuz I really need to cram study notes and study the shit outta everything so I do alright in exams. I hope I actually do okay, though, but that's not even guaranteed even if I study heaps. :( Went out with Nick today, which is why I didn't go Liza's, because we planned this from a while ago, before Liza mentioned her party, and yeah. Went city, went Kino, where all these people were cos-playing and it was soo cool and their costumes were really well done, full good. :o Went Pepper Lunch, like my first time ever and it's really nice. :D Went to Mooks, Superdry, Adidas and Paddy's. Then went over to Padstow and hung around a bit. :) Had to go home early and I got home at 4:15pm, and I'm meant to be studying. What the fuck, it's been an hour and a half since I got home?!

I like Adidas. Won't be making a wishlist today, I'm pretty sure. Not sure if I'll make one at all, or when. Omg, there were these nice leather shorts from Adidas, $600 wtfx, and this nice Adidas jacket, $650. :o Oh yeah, I bought Japanese NYLON because it was 50% off (@ $8.83). I didn't actually pay for it, though, cuz Nick did, cuz he's super nice.

Writing science notes. I really hope I cover everything that'll be in the exam. Last year's science half yearly was hard. :o OKAY, TIME TO STUDY. Oh, happy birthday, Avi!

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