Okay, so art assignment is a total of 14 parts, right, not including acquiring the portraits? I don't want to do cubism because it's so ugly, so, I'm not really that stressed out or anything, I guess, because I just finished question 4 and my analysis and everything for pop art. So, in conclusion, I have done 10/14 parts of the assignment. Wow, yay. :D And I might do something for cubism but I don't know. Yay, I'm not as stressed, and I just printed geography.

1. Maths assignment due (period 5).
2. Art assignment due (by the end of the day).
3. Geography assignment due (by the end of the day).
4. Cross Country (period 3 and 4).
5. Truong (6:35pm - 8:20pm).

Finished geography (it's not that good). Finished the majority of art, enough so that I'm happy. Finished enough for maths but I can do it tomorrow. I can also do Truong tomorrow. Wish me luck for cross country! I'm pretty psyched, and I really hope I do well! :D

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