Aw I love these guys. Anyway, I should be doing art. What I really want to do tonight is just find a stupid pop art portrait and finish another third of my assignment. I would like to do at least a half-page about cubism (part 2a). Finding a portrait for cubism was annoying when I tried to before, and I don't particularly want to write a further 1 and 3/4 pages about it. Art is really kind of stressing me out, and on top of that, I have to finish question 5 in my maths assignment because I was reading it and I did it wrong, and then I have to do the 2009 HSC geometry question as an addition to the maths assignment, and I have Truong tomorrow and I'm not even halfway through my homework. I'm kind of annoyed that they haven't given out all of our half yearly notifications, because I really need them. Well, I don't really need them, but they would help so I would know what to write notes on, I guess. I think I'm typing/talking differently than I usually do on my blog. Oh well.

I was eating dinner just before, and it was a kind of dodgy dinner because my dad just cooked a steak and that's all I actually had. A piece of cooked steak that was seasoned with what I think was like just some pepper. I only ended up eating half, and sat or stood around the kitchen sipping a glass of iced soda water for the rest of the hour. I have no idea why I decided to drink iced soda water. But right now, I just really wish I had the time to do nothing. I've been stressed with assignments since last week. My skin has gone really bad. It's terrible and makes me want to cry. But I really wish I just had the time to sit and do nothing, or think about stuff, or lie down on my bed and listen to my iPod, since I honestly haven't done that in a while now. I don't want to nap after school because I know it's a waste of time. I've been sleeping so much earlier than usual because I guess I've just tired out faster lately, and these cold winter mornings aren't making me want to get out of bed. I don't trust myself with the alarm on my phone anymore because I don't think it'll wake me up.

I need to be more organised. I can't wait till tomorrow, after Truong, and I won't have as much to stress about. I have to write half yearly notes of course, but I'm not going to get much progress done on Friday night, I'm pretty sure, unless I write my notes out. Which I might do.

I don't know if you want to see me or talk to me right now.

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