Well Miss Ross said today that if we wanted to get our assignments marked, then we should hand it on tomorrow, and that our assignment is based on what's in our half yearly exams. So I don't really plan to finish anymore, actually, but I should really try to do as much as I can. What I really want to do is to, at least, finish the Pop Art portrait and maybe do part a for Cubism. Cubism is just so, so ugly, and I don't want to do it. I've also done question 3, and I have yet to do question 4. I also just finished doing part a for Pop Art.

Cross Country is tomorrow and I really hope I do well. As in 2nd or 3rd. Hopefully second. But yesterday in sport, we were running up and down the field cuz we were playing soccer and I got tired from that, so it's not actually funny. :I

FML. :'( Oh, my sister's coming home tonight.

I wish I was pretty.

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