Need to get off Tumblr so I took the best picture that was already loaded.

Who's gonna be like mega stressed soon? :0 Truong homework, geography assignment and art assignment all due on the same day, Friday, which is cross country. Exams are in 2 weeks time, starting on the 10th, and we haven't even gotten all of our notifications or exam timetable. I haven't started writing notes, I'm gonna be sooo stressedddddddd. Haven't been blogging that much, answering Formspring and hardly on Tumblr because I'm busy. Which is why my status is busy on msn, when I'm on.

Oh, my skin has become really, really bad. My sister took the stupid exfoliator/cleanser while she's away in Melbourne (coming back tomorrow, I think) and I haven't had eczema cream in ages, so in combination with winter weather, my skin is so shit. Like, burning like sunburn, but because it's dry. :0

Grace or someone might like this:

Doojoon pre-debut.

Jaebeom's not even cute. :0

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