Ooh I'm losing heaps of Formspring. LOL. Like heaps.

Anyway, yesterday was like way fun, which is why I didn't go online. :D Anyway, so I woke up late at 10:36pm when I was planning to wake up at 9am. Woke up, took a shower, Stephen was already over. They were planning to cut Genvin's hair, and you'll probably find a post with photos of Genvin getting his haircut here. It was soo funny and Genvin and Stephen wanted me to take photos while they were cutting Genvin's hair, so yeah. Um, at around 11am, Nick came over and my sister was awake by then, so we were all outside and laughing and watching Genvin get his hair cut. LOL. I thought it would've been kind of awkward with Nick and Stephen at the same time cuz like they've never really hung out before but it was good. :) I don't really know what we did for the whole day, but it was pretty fun.

Nick gave me this hoodieeeee, and it's like pink-ish but sometimes it looks grey. I like it but it's kinda small, but only a bit. Um, oh yeah, then we thought it'd be funny if Stephen went driving to Valley Plaza LOL, so we were planning it so that me and Nick would be tailgating Stephen who was going to drive Genvin and my mum. LOL. But then that's slack and we decided to all go in the same car, and that was kind of like a tight fit cuz the car is fricken small, LOL. So anyway, we were driving to Valley Plaza which is really close, and we turned out of our road and at the first roundabout, Stephen almost crashed LOL. And anyway, we got to Valley Plaza and the shops weren't open cuz it was Anzac Day, so we decided to hang around at Maccas, but it was too crowded, so I think Stephen drove us to Hungry Jacks which is close as well. It was pretty funny. :p But yeah we got to HJ and we got foodddd, and I had a sundae and like I really like them now LOL. And we just sat around talking, and Nick was showing us a coin trick and zomg they are like sooo cool LOL. On the way home, Nick droveeee.

Hm, I'm not sure what we did, but later on Andy came but him and my sister went out. Um, oh, Stephen and Genvin moved the couch so it was in front of the computer and watched a movie, and me and Nick were sitting on the other couch and watching and talking, and then later we stopped watching and went to the other couch and were talking. And Nick kept showing me these card tricks, they're so cool. :O! And later we were playing card games, and we played poker but not like the normal poker and that was fun. ^^! Um, Nick stayed for dinner so we had hot pot and that was nice cuz like everyone was like together and eating, and like .. my parents really like Nick LOL. And Nick stayed for a bit longer after we finished eatinggggg.

Like today we didn't really do much, but it was just nice to have Nick over and to see him. My parents really like him, and my mum talks to him a lot, and it wasn't awkward during the day even though Stephen, my dad, Stephen's mum and Andy were there. And I rkn Nick's writing is like mega cute, LOL, keke. :p Aw, Nick is the best. I full love him. Like the 25th April was perfect.

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