Oh, I also finished English assignment yesterday. I should be doing my art or geo assignment today.. I haven't even started geo, and it really sucks. I hate geo. And art is a real bitch. There's heaps to do for art, you have to write at least 6 pages of fricken bs. Um, both art and geo are due on the 30th of April, which is this Friday.. Gah.

I'm running out of Pocky. A while ago, Nick was so nice and surprised me with like 5 boxes of Pocky, all of them different flavoured. But now I only have one box left, and I don't want to eat it.. Cos then I'll be 100% out of my special Pocky. LOL. :o

I wanna go shopping. I wonder what my birthday's going to be like. 31st May is like the day right before the big financial year sales start. Around my birthday, for my birthday, I wanna go shopping. But I don't think I can afford that. :I I wanna go get heels, maybe underwear cos I haven't bought it in a while (lol wut), these skirts, stockings, uh, I don't know, probably some coats or cardigans. Omg, I don't know, I want too much, I just wanna go shopping in general. :I

Oh, Sophiea's birthday party is today.


Someone has called you annoying in the past 24 hours.
You steal things out of your siblings room.
You always have trouble falling asleep.
You would say no if the last person you kissed proposed to you.
You have fallen down stairs at school.
You have a daily going-to-bed routine you can’t go to sleep without doing.
You think the ripped-jeans trend is kind of uncool.
You have had a boyfriend stolen from you.
You have had a horrible ‘meeting the parents’ experience.
You plan to move out of your town as soon as possible.
You have been friends with someone who you never thought you would.
You have lived in a house or apartment alone before.
If given the chance, you would kiss the last person you texted.
You have had to ask permission to do something from a best friend.
You always have to brush your hair before going to sleep.
You have eaten meat in the past six hours.
You know someone who would NEVER leave the house without makeup on.
You met the last person you called at school.
You have failed the drivers test.
You have gotten a blister from burning your hand on a straightener or curler.
You went trick-or-treating last Halloween.
You would be jealous if your boyfriend’s best friend was the opposite sex. - Idk
You have very exciting plans during the next few days.
You have felt like crying in the past week.
You HAVE cried in the past week.
Your best friend has the same color eyes as you.
Your best friend is more outgoing then you.
Your e-mail password has to do with your family.
You have cried on a crush’s shoulder before.
You have not gotten along well at all with a boyfriend of girfriend’s friends.
A boyfriend or girfriend has not gotten along with your friends at all.
You are home alone right now.
You don’t own a cellphone.
You’re waiting for a call right now.
You’ve waited for hours for someone to call, but they didn't. - I did that to someone. :(
You’ve lost a friend over a member of the opposite sex.
You’re embarassed to be seen in public with your parents.
You have been given a hickey before.
You have felt like punching someone today.
At least one of your friend’s is sick right now.
You own at least one pair of heels.
You’d break your neck if you wore heels outside.
You should probably be getting ready right now.
You have gotten drunk with the last person who called you.
You have had a very unusual pet before.
You’re excited for Christmas already.
You have an account on quizilla.
You’re embarassed to wear sweatpants in public.
You have your current crush on MSN. - Crush? Love?
Nothing ever happened with the last person you had a crush on. - Depends who?
You have had a boyfriend or girfriend forget your birthday.
You celebrated the one-month in your last relationship.
You wish this survey was over already.
You plan on dressing up this year for Halloween.
You delete your internet history.
You have called the cops on your neighboors for being so loud.
There are at least a couple words you can NEVER spell.
You’re not related to the last person you were in a car with.

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