Whoa she's so pretty! :OOO Jealous.

Errr, I kinda haven't been blogging that much. Yesterday, I said I was going to be back later to edit that post, right? I kinda didn't, lol, and I told Grace that I was gonna bbl, but sign into MSN on the other computer and be afk, but I didn't sign into the other computer, cuz we just turned it off. So, uh, yeah, that's how unreliable I've been. :I

I actually haven't been doing anything this week. Well, not really anything on the computer. Haven't been on Tumblr (but got another follower), haven't been replying Formspring that much, haven't been blogging (or if I do, then they're really crap posts), errr, haven't Twittered, even though it was only like 3 times every 2 days max? LOL. And MSN .. I haven't really been on as much, too.

Because I've been stressed out with English assignment, or assignments, or not at home. :o Anyway, today I got out of bed at 1pm, and my sister sent me a text at almost 4am, saying she was still out because her friend's car got locked in the carpark cuz they stayed out too late. I think that's actually really cool. If that happened to us, like if I was with my friends and stuff when we were older, then that would be way cool. :o Maybe. But anyway, they stayed in Maccas for a bit and then they stayed in the car and then they found a nice cool area and stayed there and waited for the sun to rise. I think that'd be really kinda fun, though, and sweet. Like staying out all night with your friends and being able to watch the sun rise with them. :D

Today, I want to:
1. Compile a wishlist, cuz I haven't done that and went Livo the other day and want all this stuff.
2. Finish English assignment and email it.
3. Clean up my room and stuff. :o

Me and Grace also wanna get circle lenses, but she's not sure if she should get them online. I might ask Lisa to get me them, then, or something, if she gets more. Lol.

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