I'm mega lagging at the moment, I don't know why. Happy birthday, Vivian! We had a party for her, but this surprise thing is getting kinda boring. Not really boring, cos I still think they're fun, but too expected, so it's not a surprise anymore. :o Anyway, I got 50/55 for my Truong test, and heaps of people got 55/55, so I'm like cut-ish. My mark was like 3rd, and I was 9th, but hmm, it's okay. I haven't finished my English assignment and I was pretty stressed out yesterday .. Anyway, Ms Smith said we could e-mail it to her 'over the weekend', so I'm gonna do that. :D

Yesterday, it was Sophiea and Aldrich's birthday, and we had a party for them, as well. Well, not really them, but yeah.

Oh wait, o nthe phone, will bbl! (SOrry).

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