Arghh, I badly have to start my English assignment but I need an idea for a short story! I suck at short stories, seriously, I can't build tension or suspense or make things interesting and be creative and think of and write a good short story! Like, seriously, I really suck at it, essays are so much better but I'm not even that good at essays either. :I But anyway, I've been fully procrastinating English. I really can't think of anything. I know it's just a class assignment, and it's just a short story, so it has to be simple and stuff, that's all. :I I guess once you start it, it's not really hard or anything, and maybe finding images is going to be annoying .. Are we allowed to draw our own stuff?

Common topic of conversation in our grade at the moment: Sophiea's birthday party. I can't go. O____O I'm going to have to tell her tomorrow .. I can't go, though! My parents don't let. :S Ughhh .. I asked my parents and they don't want me to let cuz 'you're in year 10 and you should be studying now, especially for half yearlies which are in 4-5 weeks, you're not fooling around anymore, this is year TEN', omg. T___T So ugh, farout man. FML.

I'm stressed. :I Got English due on Friday, geography due next week and I haven't started either. I think I actually did pretty cool with my assignments these holidays. I finished history, commerce and maths early enough in the holidays, and I made a start on some of my art challenges and portraiture assignment. Oh! Cross country is next Friday, yay, I hope I do good this year and somehow come 2nd again, LOL. X Country last year was pretty cool, keke. :D Zone was intense, full raining and muddy and shit and somehow I came 5th, and what happened after zone was like pretty interesting. Regionals is so annoying, all these slopes and it's way harder than school/zone, but after it was fun, and me, Allen and Lawrence were just hanging around and buying spring rolls a lot and sleeping in the main quad. :DWe actually jigged more class than we needed to, LOL. OH, and I remember when me, Lawrence, Allen and George went around to find 9A2, and went into Nicholas' locker to get his basketball and found his Up N Go stash, LOL. Omg, love X Country, and Athletics, omg. :D

OH, I HAD WASABI KIT KAT TODAY (FROM GRACE) and it's not that good, guys. :I

Who doesn't wanna do their work?

Susie boot in black ($49.95) and Sibella boot in black/studs ($49.95) from Rubi Shoes.

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