2PM so cute here! Hey guys should I make a Twitter? Fuck, yesterday I didn't do any work, and shit, I still haven't talked to Danica about the party on Friday, when RVSP is today. :o But yeah I didn't do shit yesterday and actually didn't do that much the day before. OKAY so full gotta work today. Full on.

Omg yay they changed the party so it's on Thursday instead of Friday, cuz all these people had Truong. Hmm that makes things easier .. I think my sister wanted to go sushi train on Thursday though, and we were all gonna go sushi train and probably late night shopping if we were in Parra. But if I don't go then I don't think they'll go shopping, cuz my sister doesn't like shopping by herself, I think, and yeah. So that means I'll get picked up maybe earlier, since they're not gonna be hanging around Parra Westfields shopping. Aw dayum.

Today I will:
2. Read like fkn 100 pages of English novel. :o
3. Art challenge 2.
4. Will add something later.


Does anyone wanna read my fucking shit commerce report to tell me if I included good 'examples of literature they have produced, relevant extracts from their website, newspaper articles about the group or the issue that concerns them'? Farout, commerce is annoying me so bad but I'm pretty much done, I'll probably just like read over it tomorrow or some shit but alright man, I'm fucking done. I didn't do anything else today, and I'm relying on my remaining days of the holidays for things to get done. :s I really, really hope Mr Kearney likes it and that I do good, cuz this is like 15% and like, I did pretty crap in PASS last year, got like 76% and 78%, so I really wanna do well in commerce but it's really boring and like I don't listen in class and fricken, law and society is really boring. :I

History's actually kind of hard/annoying, and I think I should think up of a story board for the English thing, seriously. But finally, man, fucking commerce is done. Grace is coming over tomorrow and I don't think we're going to end up doing work, so maybe it's not such a good idea that she comes over but oh well, I told her it's okay and it'll be fun. :p

Every time I do work, I start humming Man Man Ha Ni and I eventually turn it on. LOL. Just saying. :I

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