Full cute. I wish I was like her. :o

Well today was pretty cool. Grace came over yesterday, btw. Anyway, so this morning, my friend ;) came over and we just hung around for a bit, talked and stuff, umm, my mum was talking to them for pretty long but that doesn't mean it was awkward or nething. :p But we just talked and they laughed at baby/child photos of me LOL. Stayed till 1, then I got a ride to Livo station and got there at like 1:15pm. Messed up travel plans, so I had to get a ride of Kristina to Kin-Mun's, and we ended up being the first two there, LOL, so it was just me, KM and Kristina. And then like 20 minutes later other people came, and in the end it was me, KM, Kristina, Aldrich, Andy, Nazmus, Nibraas, Shadman, Thomson, Kabhi, Koshila, Melanie, Gau/Gal (cuz I totally forgot how to spell his name :o), Bhavna, Yvy, Jacqueline, Jenny, Danica, Liza, Sophiea and Tori? I hope I didn't forget anyone.

The party was only okaayy, I rkn, cuz it wasn't really the people I'm mega mega close too but it just wasn't like my type of party. Cuz I'm not into dancing and shit. Umm so the party was pretty much talking, dancing, Truth or Dare which is actually just Dare, and hmm, I was on the phone cuz shit was happening and um .. Maybe eating, or smth? Taking photos? KM's house is pretty big, like his property is pretty big, and Sophiea was saying shit about how it's so fkn dangerous and people could get raped and that there are probs like dead bodies in the bushes and shit LOL. Idk, but other stuff that happened:

1. Kabhi got bitten by the dog and he was bleeding and blood was actually dripping and shit, so KM's dad, who's convenienty a doctor as well, had to drive him to the surgery to fix him up and disinfect it and shit. :o

2. Umm, I never actually ended up doing a Dare, but Thomson kissed KM's bare ass, Jenny kissed Danica's cleavage, KM ran his nose along Liza's leg, I captured Yvy under my shirt, Thomson licked Andy's hair, Jenny had to pretend to be a gorilla and Oompa Loompa, KM had to like anal this really big Pikachu toy, hmm, Jacqueline kissed KM's Adam's apple and I thunk that's it? Sophiea and Bhavna were going to jump into the pool with their clothes on but Bhavna pussied out. :p I think Shadman recorded some of this, too.

3. Dancing was uh, not really my thing. But while people were dancing, people were taking photos and like Sophiea has to upload them on FB but some are really nice. :D!

4. Wow my back and neck are really tired. Oh, Thomson had to give Kristina a foot massage. And Aldrich did something, I think, but don't rememeber what. And I think Liza licked or kissed my neck.

5. Sophiea looked really nice today. :D I like her skirt. I wanna get a skirt like that nowww. :o Badly wanna go shopping. I haven't done any work today, don't really plan to, but I should really finish up history tomorrow and start English tomorrow and maybe finish it as well.

Oh, when I was waiting for Kristina at the station, Anne, Ashley, Israaq and Nicholas were walking and Anne's like, Hey is that Genevieve? Hi! And yeah, then later I saw Kabir and Lawrence racing towards the station but they didn't see me, and I think I saw Nathan or Simon Wang or something else, after them? Anyway, happy birthday, Lawrence! :D!

Will upload photos from the party ASAP.

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