So yeah, I got sick of my old Formspring URL and my Tumblr URL so I changed both, and you can find my Tumblr from my Formspring, and you can find my Formspring from here. I hope it doesn't confuse people, though. And happy birthday, Kin-Mun and Brendan!

Anyway, I didn't finish anything on my to-do list from yesterday. I worked on commerce but only fixed up the introduction. Err, I think I'm gonna get told off or marked down, cuz I have three paragraphs before I mention the lobby group I'm meant to be writing about. But I don't want to write a report, that's just fricken boring. :I I think that's why I keep putting off doing it. I'm doing my English tutor homework right now, which is just a short essay that's meant to compare and contrast two poems. I'm gonna have to do my art challenges soon, there are so many (6) and I've only done like one of them? I don't even have my geo RAP sheets (due 30th April) and the art and history assignments really suck. :I I didn't know until I looked at the sheet, but for the art assignment, I think you have to do like three essays. How the hell am I meant to bullshit different things three times. :o I haven't even considered anything for English assignment as well. I haven't turned on my laptop for work for like more than a week, potentially two.

Art challenges are actually harder than I thought they'd be. A lot of the ones I chose to do use a camera, and like, since some of them are gonna have to be taken with a self-timer cuz if someone else takes a photo for you, then it's not really doing your challenge, issert? But um, yeah, so it's gonna take longer than I thought? :s Cuz self timer doesn't ensure you take good photos, doesn't ensure that the focus is on what you want and everything. Challenge 6 looks pretty mad, I think almost everyone is gonna do it just cuz they wanna dress up and take photos of themselves. LOL. :p

Danica Huynh! Where the fuck are you, cuz I have to figure out travel plans for Friday. :o


I like it when we just sit and talk, and you have your arms around my waist and we're just sitting on the floor or somewhere, and it's all quiet and it's not too bright or too dark or anything. That's really nice. You're really nice. If I don't want you to do something, then even if you wanted to do it, you wouldn't, cuz you know I wouldn't want you to and I'd be annoyed or cut that you did it. If you're like at a party and everyone's drinking, then you wouldn't get drunk cuz you know I wouldn't want you to, and so you'd limit how many drinks you have so you're still okay and you still remember to call me when you get home or text me when you're on the way home. And call me when you actually get home, anyway. Omg and I love how you give me surprises, cuz no one's really done that for me before. Well, they kind of have but it's not the same kind of surprise. It's not on the same level, anyway. You really mean a lot to me. And you say I do more stuff for you than you do for me but I don't think so, lol, but even so, thank you so much for everything. I love you so much. :D

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