I think I should be working, not on Formspring while texting and eating Pocky. :I Aw, my cat is full cute right now, lol. Oh so I'm eating Pocky, right .. I'm eating my chocolate Pocky from the city. And I only have like two sticks left. And this was meant to be like my special Pocky. Farout. I should buy more Pocky from Cabramatta, cuz it's not special LOL and I'll eat it without thinking like, Aw there are only 2 sticks left of my special Pocky. If it was Cabra Pocky I'd be like, Oh snap I'm out of Pocky. TT" I don't wanna do work today! Fucken hell.

Aw Kevin Woo is so cute. Why do so many Korean guys have fricken bowl cuts, though. It looks so bad. :( Oh but Kevin looks okaaayyy with one but still, why have a bowlcut for. Especially Key, looks so bad with one. And Shindong, fkn hate him LOL. :(

In my history topic test, I finished my extended response with SEATO stood for 'South East Asia Treaty Organisation' as Australia was part of this?? I ended up getting 10/10 for that response, LOL.

To do today, ugh:
1. Finish my commerce assignment?
2. Read 40 +20 pages of English novel.
3. Art Challenge Two: Sit in a quiet place on your own for 30 minutes. Write continuously for this whole time recording all the random and fragments of thoughts that enter your mind. (Only appropriate ones please.) Try to squeeze as much onto one page as possible.
4. English tutor homework.

Hey I think I might wanna be a dietitian when I'm older. I was considering doing PDHPE in year 11 and possibly year 12, if I liked it, but year 11 at least. Oh, but I might just be typically Asian and do commerce. :I


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