I hope I'm really not annoying you cuz I keep asking you how to do my Truong homework. Oh, but I like it when I ask you, and you explain how to do it, but you explain every little part and make sure I fully get it. Like you explain the things Truong doesn't, haha. I also like how you're really smart. LOL, keke. But thanks for helping me, yeah, I thought you'd probs be like bored of it by now. :D Thanks for like waiting for me all the time, waiting for me to finish my work, to come back from helping out with the dishes, things like that. I like how you let me borrow your hoodie, cuz it smells like you and like, I like how you smell cuz it's nice. And I like how you say that my hair smells nice. And I really like the toy you got me the other day. You can probably tell I really like it, keke, cuz I full do and you've seen me hug it. You've seen me full ditch the other toys and only hug one, LOL.

Oh shit I better not have actually pissed you off. :o

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