I uploaded all these photos into Genvin's online print folder, around like 86 or something. Prints are 10c each. So 86 prints equals $8.60. I counted all my money and I have like $2.90, LOL. Fuck my life. I badly need a job. Maybe I should change my resume today. Truong test next week, on everything we've done past quadratics, so that's like polynomials and shit like that. Why did I decide to follow so many cute/pretty Asian girls on Tumblr. Like ulzzang pretty. Cuz every time I see something they posted on my Dashboard, it's like, FML, why be so fkn pretty for, eiquryquasdkaklfjklsJfpq! TT'

Things to do today:
1. Start (pref. finish) commerce assignment.
2. Read 40 + 24 pages of English novel.
3. Start Truong homework.
4. Fully finish maths assignment and like write it out neatly and everything.
5. Fix up this one part in my resume.

You guys wouldn't get what me and my sister were listening to on repeat last night. :I No jokes, when you look it up on Youtube, related searches are 'best song ever'. Yeah so me and my sister were watching and listening to this and we searched up the lyrics so we could sing really loudly to it. :$


Hey anyone wanna compare answers for maths assignment? Idk if they're right:
4d. BC = 48/5
5ii. PQ = 30/8

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