Things to do today
1. Start Art challenge 4: Document everything that you eat and drink over several days. Sketch, photograph and write about it.
2. Start on history or art assignment.
3. Read 80 pages of English novel (didn't read 40 yesterday).

Hey guys (Helena), I just realised that I don't have the geography sheet, and I only have the history one, sorry! :o Find someone else with it, but yeah I only realised this morning, sorry. I don't have nething to say blog about right now, cuz I should be working. Um, I'm gonna go print some photos sometime soon, cuz Harvey Norman has 10c prints again? BUSY.


Someone said on my Formspring that they needed the maths assignment. Farout, I'm annoyed atm, but not for a good/valid reason. Also, my Formspring replies to 4 questions didn't get through, and I have no idea why, cuz they didn't get through and now they're not in my inbox. Actually, all the questions I've replied today haven't gotten through, including one where I wrote a paragraph about every person in my PE dance group, cuz someone wanted me to. Oh fuck you, Formspring. Click images to view larger.

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