Things to do today:
1. Take photos of stuff.
2. Finish at least half of my Truong homework.
3. Read at least like 40 pages of that English novel that I don't wanna read.
4. Start maths assignment.

Apparently I woke up too late and my mum didn't want to wait, and she went to Cabramatta without me, to get an injection. So I have to get it tomorrow, or something? Anyway, so I woke up and didn't really wanna do much. My chair right now feels so high. Uncomfortably high. :( How annoying. I'm not 100% what we're doing in Truong right now, but I think it's .. discriminant, and stuff like that, but I don't remember. :s Ugh, I had Mazeltov by ZE:A stuck in my head this morning, in the shower. Oh yeah, my mum accidentally bleached my blue Davenports. Now they're like vaguely tie-dye. :o LOL.

Oh, and I had this weird dream. I only remember one part because I was thinking about my dream and then remembered this part, and ended up forgetting everything else. :o Anyway, it was at school and I was sitting at our group, and I turned around and saw Eugene casually standing there, like he was patiently waiting for me to turn around and say hi to him, and I said Hi and then he's like, Oh hi, and he went off, back to his group or something. Then I decided to just walk with him and we were talking, and then like .. Idk, but I remember looking at him again, after we had finished our conversation, and he had a prosthetic arm? O___O But it was kinda fucked up and scary cuz he had a prosthetic arm, but it was only his forearm, and he had two arms on the other side? Like it was his arm, but kinda artificially put on to the same side as his other arm which was functioning fine. :o Yeah, hopefully he doesn't read this and gets offended. LOL.

Oh shit, I only have 1.5MB left on my iPod. Omfg. Time to delete shit. :I


Err, none of that is actually mine, except for like the Pocky or something. That's not even my room. Wearing: Genvin's shirt ($10, Arvust, thrifted), sister's watch and ring, mum's old belt which she doesn't wear anymore so I've taken it, but it's still kinda hers.

I don't know why I have so much Pocky. :I I bought like three boxes yesterday, and the other one is from earlier this week, wth, lol. Wow, my table is really messy, everything's just stacked up.

Yvy said my bed looked really comfy and welcoming when she saw a photo of it one day. She saw a different photo where the lighting was better, but that was before, when I didn't have three toys on my bed and only had two. :p

Yay, that's the toy I got yesterday and like the third toy I have on my bed now, haha. It's so soft and niceeeee. :D :D And it has like a stripey tail. I fricken love it, omg.

I said I was gonna take a photo of what I wearing, the other day. This isn't what I was wearing, lol, but this is pretty much the same thing. I'm just wearing different shorts here. These shorts are so small for me, oh my gosh. Wearing: Genvin's shirt ($10, Arvust, thrifted), Dotti DIY cut-offs (the jeans were $20 from $60), Sportsgirl stockings ($14.99), quilted chain clutch ($29.99, Portmans).


Kk give up on maths assignment and I only did the first question. Stopped after q8 in set 8 for Truong, I'm not sure how I'm meant to do 9 or 10. FML.

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