So I went city today, and was meeting up with my friend in the city. Got to Livo on time and everything and when I was buying a ticket, Jacqueline saw me? Lol, cuz turns out her, Yvy and Liza were planning to go Fairfield and then Parra today. So yeah saw them and we caught the same train, they changed their minds and decided to only go Parra and later Liza got on the train. Anyway, when they got off, I got a call from my friend saying they were late. Got to city around 10:20 and saw Manisay, Jennifer and Carmen, lol, and I was walking around Central to kill some time and saw a group of year 11's, who were walking the opposite direction and they're like, Hey Hurlstone kid! Lol. Um so yeah my friend got there and today was pretty fun. :D We went to Thai Kee and we got Pocky and this Asian lemonade drink that is actually really nice but we couldn't get the bottle open cuz we were like missing this thing that you use to open it. Um, anyway, after that we went to watch How to Train Your Dragon 3D and it's a good movieeee. Keke, the character's have like cute beards and stuff, LOL. And there was this guy in front of us and he had a funny laugh and uh I was laughing at his laugh LOL.

So after that, I saw a group of year 13's, so they finished school last year and it was like awkward haha. Oh and we went to Priceline and I finally got a new lipbalm. I've gone without lipbalm for aages, since my sister had her wisdom tooth surgery and inconveniently took mine cuz she needed it, and never gave it back, which really annoyed me cuz I'm not gonna buy a new lipbalm, but it's hard to get it back off her cuz it's lipbalm, it's something that you just keep on you. TT" So yeah, I got another Nivea one, but the strawberry one, cuz I was thinking either the Pearl Shine or Strawberry one, and saw my cuz with the strawberry one and she made it look good, so yeah, got that, LOL. And I got Dove Body Silk, I love it, it's soo good. :D

Um, I think we went Chinatown after that and like whatever, we just did whatever for the rest of the day. Went Capitol Square just to see what was there, and I saw Diem but I didn't see who she was with, haha. Oh and we saw Quyen and someone else, in Genvin's grade .. Hmm, oh, I got a toy. :D It's like a raccoon, I think? I don't know, but I really really like it, and it's like so fluffy and soft and nice. I have to take a photo, keke, cuz it's just so cute and cuz I like it so much, LOL. :D Oh! There was a sale at Mooks, omg, 50% off all tees. There's this really nice guy's tee that I like a lot. Well, there's two, and one of them is cute and the other one is just like, nice. So since there was a 50% off sale, most of the shirts were $25, omgg. :o I badly wanna go and get a shirt nowwww, gah. :(

Went to Kinokuniya and looked at Jap magazines, and NEWS look so, so bad. With their ugly new hairstyles and everything. :( LOL. Went to Town Hall station and the bitchy Cityrail worker didn't let me in with a Central ticket, and she's like, You're gonna have to walk her over to Central or get a new ticket and I was just walking away before she finished, hmph, I don't wanna hear your bs lol. D: Anyway, so we ended up using one ticket and walking behind each other to get through at Town Hall, and took a train to Glenfield cuz we were waiting, and like none of the trains were going to Cabra/Livo, unless it was via Bankstown, which takes forever. So we got an express train and got to Glenfield and then I took a train to Cabra. I also saw Carmen at the station again, and talked to her for a bit. And I had like $1.20 and bought another box of Pocky from Thai Nguyen groceries across Woolworths, and the stupid Viet lady is like so rude. :I Bitch. LOL. Then crossed the road back to my grandpa's apartment, where he welcomed me with cake and rice and chicken. LOL. :9

Today was really fun. :) I'm happy. And it was so funny, seeing everyone, full co-incidental how everyone just happened to be going out today. I love you. Love you heaps. Happy two months. Thanks for everything, today. :D :D

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