That seems like something Grace would like. Uh, I don't wanna sound lesbo or anything, and it might be different/worse cuz this is Grace and she's like anti-lesbo and thinks I'm lesbo with Vanessa so maybe I shouldn't say it, but I kinda miss her. :o

Is anyone free on Thursday? There's pretty much an open invite to go to city, kind of organised or proposed by Wendy and Mitchell, or something like that. So people are meeting at 10am in Cabra, I'm assuming Cabra station, and uh, well, they're into K-Pop so if you wanna go then like embrace to be looking around in Chinatown and singing like B2ST or something, LOL.

Anyway so today, my cousins from Canberra dropped by and uh, we went to the cemetary. And so coincidental, but Genvin saw Brian, who was visiting as well. Uh, so yeah. I wore Genvin's shirt, one he bought yesterday. I like it. I'll maybe take a photo of it tomorrow. Um, anyway, I love strawberry Pocky. :9 I had nothing to do and like, so instead of going online and everything, I went to sleep. :s Which is kinda bad. Cuz who the fuck sleeps at like 2:30 until 7. Or something like that. :o Oh but before, I was looking through photos, and I'll scan them tomorrow, haha. :D

Oh yeah, hit 40k views today, thanks so much everyone! :DD!

Oh and finally changed the photo on my blog layout, the one that used to be a .gif. Idk, it looks weird now, I was used to the other one. :o I think I might change the photo of Key, though. Maybe soon. But I kinda miss the old photo, haha.

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