700th post, wowwww, too bad heaps of Formspring posts have messed up how many posts I have, but at 700th posts now, yay.

I think my parents are being pretty big bitches, kinda. I have to go to Cabramatta cuz I have to hand in my resume, and I asked if I could get my ears pierced as well. Most people would know that I don't even have my ears pierced and nothing else is pierced either, so I am like 100% piercing virgin. But not really 100%, cuz I got my ears pierced ages ago, say when I was 7 or something like that, and I think they got infected and I took them out. But that was when I still did swimming, and aren't you meant to like not swim right after you get your piercing? So that might've made a difference to how my body reacted to the piercing. Anyway, so I asked my parents if I could get my ears pierced and my dad gives me a straight No. And I was just like shocked, cuz I full thought they would've let. Like, both my parents said no. My dad said I could get them in two years, and I thought that meant when I was 16, but turns out he means when I'm in uni because I'm too young now. Man, what the fucking fuck. Then Genvin mentioned that I had gotten my ears pierced when I was 7, and my dad said that I was too young then. So what the fuck, right.

Ugh. Maybe I shouldn't have just asked if I could get my ears pierced, cuz later I have to ask if I can go out tomorrow. So since I asked about my ears pierced and that's got something to do with 'looking good, fashion and vanity', my parents could maybe be annoyed cuz they don't like me going out a lot, and going out is like classified under 'going out, boys, growing up and not caring about fucking studies'. Farrout.

I was on the phone till like 2:10am. Then Danica called me at 3:50am, and she was at Livo cinemas cuz she went for a movie marathon, the one that ends at 5am. Her mum is so, so lenient, I swear. :o Anyway, so I talked to her for like 3 minutes, and then later my boyfr calls at 4am, lol man, surprise phone calls much. :p

I'm gonna go out to fricken Cabramatta then go home and do work then go tutor. UGHHH.


So I went to Cabra and Gloria Jeans weren't hiring, even though there's a sign that says it does. So we went to Officeworks cuz my brother had to go get something, and after that, we went to Livo Westfields for lunch and to get some groceries. So we went to the V-Plus supermarket, which is that Asian supermarket right next to Coles, and omg it's so cool, there's a 15% off everything except for stock that's already on sale, until the 18th April. So I thought that was mad, cuz they have some Asian lollies and stuff there, and they have Pocky, and wtfreak, Pocky is so expensive in the city, fml. So yeah I wanna get some Pocky cuz I feel like it. And I found the wasabi flavoured seaweed that Vivian brought to school ages ago, and it was on sale, 2 for $4 and so I got two packs and it's so nice. :D I wish I bought Pocky, though, it was $1.20 I think for the 70g one, and the one I got in the city was $2.75 for 33g? FML, haha. But I really feel like Pockyyyyy. I wish I had a job. Looking up Alikstae remixes and yeah, looking for the SHINee remixes, listening to 2PM atm. Oh and I said I was gonna take a photo of what I wore today/yesterday (cuz I couldn't be bothered to find smth else to wear), but yeah I wasn't bothered to take photos today. Maybe tomorrow. I don't know when. And I also don't know when I'll ever post anything up on my Lookbook, LOL. Aw I don't wanna go tutor later. :(

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