Oh, 699th post. I'm going out today, to Surry Hills markets in the city or maybe Surry Hills, since it's called Surry Hills markets. Printing out my resume to hand in, finally. Will bbl.


Lol I found two drafts and deleted them, so this is actually my 697th post, haha. Um, so yeah, today was pretty cool! :D Went with my family, like a family outing again, keke.

Surry Hills markets is so cool. You walk there from Central, and it's just markets, right, and heaps of the stuff is second hand/vintage, and for cheap. And everyone there dresses good. And on the way there, walking, there were all these pretty Vespas. There was this white one, omg, soo pretty, full badly want one. Oh yeah, I said I was printing out my resume to hand it in, right? Yeah I ended up leaving it at home, as well as my phone, LOL. But Surry Hills markets is so cool, and there was this really reaally cute dog there, cuz heaps of people just bring their dogs, and there was this mega cute black Pomeranian and it was sooooo fluffy and shit, farout. :O I didn't end up getting anything today besides some Pocky, LOL, but that was from the Asian IGA in Market City. There were all these really nice shorts at one place, and they were all $25 and some were Lee and Levi and Wrangler, omg. And there was a pair of high waisted Wrangler shorts that had never been worn at some place, but I don't remember how much it was. All this old stuff like a film camera ($12) and stuff, can't really think of things right now but yeah. Oh, got to the city at around 1:36pm and the markets closed at 4, so we stayed there until around 4. Um, but I saw so much stuff I would've bought if I had money but I didn't, so cut. I have to go next month, omg, have to! :D

Then after Surry we (me, my mum, dad and sister) walked back to Central to look for where we should have dinner, cuz I wanted to have sushi and so we were looking for a place to have sushi and we ended up going into Market City, and I bought two sushi rolls cuz I was hungry and me and my sis walked around the shops there, and I saw Sharon which is really random cuz she's a boarder .. LOL. And there were like these really nice Calvin Klein bras at BU, and they were $39.95-$49.95 down from $59.95-$69.95 and omgg, they were so nice, full wanted to get it but like as if I have money, right, but I swear, when I get a job I badly wanna get it, cuz it was soo comfy and shit, LOL. :D Went to Gluestore and there were these two shirts I wanted, on the sale rack, and they were 2 for $30 and they were just like striped, and they were so soft and nice, but pretty long and only size M and L, but they were really nice and I really wanna get them. D: Went into Asian IGA and bought strawberry Pocky, but it was really weird cuz the chocolate Pocky which was in a bigger box was on sale, and cheaper than the strawberry Pocky? But yeah I got strawberry. Cuz it reminds me of this boy. Who is my boyfriend. LOL. :D And so me and my sister walked around in Market City until my parents called and then we walked to somewhere for dinner.

We were planning to go to this Jap restaurant we went to a while ago but it was like really crowded and a line to go in and everything and we're like Nah fuck that, and walked into Capitol Square and had dinner at one of the restaurants there (Yumei) and I got like um .. Hm, I got a plate of unagi rolls and um, tempura udon noodles? And I had to give Genvin and Stephen directions from Market City to Capitol Square cuz wth they didn't know how to get there? LOL. Halfway through dinner, the lights just went out for like 5 minutes, Idk why, lol and then they went back on again and then went off again and on again. Weird, yeah? But dinner was alright but it's soo expensive, and after dinner it was raining and I'm like, Oh yeah man, why don't we wait till it stops raining, and we hang around upstairs with all the toy machines? LOL. So we went upstairs and there was this mega mega mega cute cat toy in the biggest toy machine there with the $1 per try machine, yeah, and it was soo fucking cute but they were really heavy so like all the people that tried getting it that night (incl. me cuz my mum gave me a dollar) didn't get it, cuz they're just too heavy, no jokes, lol. Sooo fucking cute, I would've been like mega happy if I got it. Anyway, my sister got a note changed into coins and she got 6 extra coins cuz she just found them there? And later, this chick got like a $50 changed into coins and she got her coins yeah and she left like 6 coins still in the machine so yeah, I got like $4 and my sister found the rest, LOL. So that was cool, cuz I didn't wanna spend too much money cuz I'm fucking poor, right? Lol.

But today was good! Stephen is like soo funny, he tried to get the cat toy and he made like the funniest face ever, and him and Genvin were talking to my mum about this jacket Genvin got for $3, and my mum's like, I don't believe you, you sure it wasn't $30? And they're like, Alright alright, it was $3000, but we got it for $3. LOL, idk, you just had to be there, but Stephen's soo funny, makes the funniest faces ever, haha.

Today was gooooodddd. But I'm gonna have to do a shitload of work when I'm like, not out. So when I'm at home. FML. :( But yeah, we got home at like 10:40pm. I miss my boyfriendddddd. :o

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