Her eyes are like soooo nice. D: Like I really like how they're done. Why be so cute for, jealous. D:

So I went to this place that I forgot the name of but you can do activities like Flying Fox and canoeing and going on a cruise around the area, with family and parent's friends/family friends. So yeah I didn't wanna go at the beginning but it was funny cuz we got lost on the way and just parked on the side of the road and talked about what subjects I should do next year, LOL, and I think I'll do 3u maths, extension English, PE, chem and physics? But I'm not sure cuz maybe I should do something with business, but Idk man. Um, so yeah when we got there it was kinda boring but we went canoeing later and it was 3 to a canoe, so I was with Genvin and Steph and that was fun cuz like we were really bad but we were full good at the end, haha. Went on a short cruise but it was kinda boring cuz like you just sit on the boat, yeah, and it's not actually a short cruise, it felt really long, and I was like falling asleep. :o

Anyway, got home and my parents told me off for not finishing my Truong homework and that I'm not allowed to go Surry Hills markets tomorrow, cuz we were discussing it earlier in the day, whether we should go or not so yeah. But later they weren't pissed so I guess I could still go, but I don't have much money atm so don't think I will. Anyway, so I didn't finish Truong in the car and got there, and found out some questions from Set 2 were for homework as well and I was just like, Oh shit, cuz I had no idea and yeah, had to copy off Wendy and do homework during class time. :( I wonder what year 11 is gonna be like, I swear, gonna be full fast, cuz Sir was like, I'm only going 20% of the speed I go with my year 11's, gah. :o But hopefully I should be able to keep up, I should just revise so I remember all the other stuff we've done this year?

Hey maybe I should make cupcakes tomorrow. Nikkida's ones were really cute. I wanna make them like that, with pink icing and cute sprinkles. Aw, cuz she beat me to it, lol.

Oh yeah I like DP's new look on Lookbook, hyped it already, keke. :D Spent the morning going through my Lookbook updates, haha, but yeah, DP's so lucky, getting like a new wardrobe and furniture and shit? Fml, I wish I was like her. And I was thinking about getting bookshelves from Ikea, right, but now I'm not sure which to get. :I Oh, and I asked Sir if I could put him on my resume, like finally, right, lol. Oh so after Truong, we had dinner in Canley Heights and my parents didn't say anything about me not being allowed to go Surry tomorrow, but I don't think I'll go anyway, but I think my parents were planning on going? I think they think I'm going as well? I have no idea, lol, but I doubt they'll end up going. And so yeah, after dinner we were walking to the car and there was like the cutest little stray kitten everr, full little. Like really small. LOL. So cute! :D :D

And Angela's in China, I think? Why be so rich for, Angela. D:

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