Got home late cuz things happened on the bus. This lady hit her head on a railing cuz she got up when the bus was still moving to get off at her stop, and it took forever cuz the driver had to wait for her and make sure she was alright and they called an ambulance and we had to wait for it to come and shit like that, farout. Took at least 10 extra minutes, which is so annoying, cuz all the bus times suck now and we all had to wait for the bus in the first place. Got home and searched on Lookbook that girl, Jessica T, and oh, I really liked her looks on her blog but don't think I saw them on Lookbook! So yeah, going through all her looks now and hyping the ones I like. I like her bags, ugh, why does she have to find so much good stuff when she's thrifting. :( And she's like .. cute. LOL. Why does she have to be so popular, though. :o With her Lookbook, blog and Tumblr and everything, omg, cuz Vanessa was talking to me about her and I was talking about a girl who had all these thrifted outfits on her madass blog, and turns out we're talking about the same person? And I was already following her on Tumblr? Wtf. LOL.

Today was the last day of school! I wasn't really planning to go today, but my mum made me yesterday, since she didn't want to write a note why I was away. :I And I didn't blog yesterday, but Grace is in Japan atm! So lucky, I hope she has fun. And going Korea, too, farout, so lucky. :o Last time I went overseas was like 10+ years ago. Yeah man. :I Oh another follower on Tumblr. Now I have 48, so less, but whatever, I don't need followers. Omg, I remember when everyone used to use (h), haha, it's such an ugly emoticon though. LOL. Um, so yeah, last day of school today and we didn't really do much. We watched a video for commerce and geo, ughh, I always almost fall asleep when they do. The video for commerce wasn't that bad, though. Nothing happened today! School was kinda quiet, but it was alright, get to hang around with people I don't hang around as much, like Vivian, Wendy, Margaret, Kristina and Sophiea. :) Played tips at lunch for a bit, though. Just for a bit. Oh yeah I got to school really early today cuz I got to the station early and Avi and stuff were taking the early train. Full cold when we got to school and it was so empty and boring. :( And I don't know when, but at lunch, the people that were here today made this new hug and it's so fricken weird, it's like .. the point is that when you hug the other girl, you can feel their boobs against yours and it feels so weird LOL. D:

OMG just realised, can't get more One Tree Hill off Nicholas cuz it's holidays. Aw man, and I just finished the season. TT" Vanessa's buying stuff online from that place she site she was looking at ages ago in geo. The stuff there is alright .. But shipping is $50, and the currency's in pounds, so things might be a bit expensive? Not sure. I wanna shop.. Oh, Vivian got the Stussy singlet I wanted! And it was $25! Fkn Loose Threads has all the crap I want for half price, and I never see it. TT"

I want heels.

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