Oh, holidays, right? Lol since week 5 in the school term, I went out every week, and sometimes more than once, like staying after school for dance practice or going out with family (cuz my mum considers that going out). So yeah, last week at Troy's party, since we were so disorganised, were planning to take the train to Glenfield at that time, and walk to his house, at that time, and possibly because I think my mum thought I was wearing way too much eyeliner, my parents got really angry and said that this was the last time I was going out cuz it wasn't even the holidays yet, I'm still in the school term .. But holidays were next week, so I have no idea what that means. Before I left, though, my dad said I wasn't going to go out in the holidays. But what the hell does he want me to do. :o It's not like I'm gonna stay at home on the computer all the time, right, they'd get annoyed if I did that. But if I just stay at home and finish all my assignments and even finish study notes .. Then what am I going to do when I relax, anyway? Like sleep or smth? Like so I have no idea what they want me to do, lol. Cuz seriously, though, that's so dog if I'm not even allowed out once, even though yeah, I went out several times during the school term. :o

I have a lot of stuff to do these holidays. Like a lot. :o
1. Commerce assignment (1000 word essay I think?)
2. Art challenges (x6)
3. Art assignment (essay kinda thing)
4. History assignment that I actually don't have the sheet for, fuck!
5. Maths assignment (I think it's just a few questions)
6. English assignment (short story presentation and recording)
7. Read English novel (The Book Theif by Idk who)

As well as study notes and everything, cuz exams are in week 4 and I don't wanna like have to cram all my stupid notes. TT" Maaann, what the hell am I gonna do these holidays. :'(

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