Today .. Sophiea came back to school with a nose piercing, and it looks alright. :D The stud's pretty small which makes it better, so yeah, I rkn it looks nice, or suits her. Nothing really happened at school today. I forgot my laptop again, even though I forgot it last time we had computer maths. :( Um, oh, I got 28/30 for my history topic test. :D Which is heaps mad, cuz I full crammed studied for a period before I did the test, and then the teacher forgot about that test and I did it the next lesson I had him, which was like the next week. But yeah, I actually got good, yay, I'm happy. Grace's last day today! :o Leaving for China Japan and Korea for 12 days, tomorrow! :o So lucky, I wish I went overseas more. Stupid people going overseas. Like I'm so jealous of all the kids going to Japan with the school in September/October, and stupid Grace, and stupid Eugene, lol. D:

Hmm, I think I'm really poor right now. Finally got a reference for my resume, lol, and for all the people who wanted me to post that up, then sorry, like I'm never actually gonna get round to posting it up, lol. Gtgggg!

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