omg, those photos of dung ho are so cute ! thanks g for putting them up :P

LOL, I KNOW RIGHT. He's so cute and smiley, ngaawww.. ^^ !

LOL why would you be like scared to ask you're friends to borrow their stuff? If they're you're real friends they'd be throwing their crap at you

LOL well, for Angela .. Cuz I haven't full hung around with her lately, we're not as tight as we were before and stuff, so that might be weird. I wouldn't mind borrowing things off Danica, but these are the heels she got for her birthday THIS YEAR, so it's kinda .. :S, Idk. But generally I haven't borrowed clothes off any of my friends before? Maybe that's why I think it's so weird .. :S

whos annoying o.O

Well of course I'm not going to say. ><

Do teachers tell you off for your cardigan?

Mr Dillon did, in the morning, but I just didn't wear it when I had/saw him. No one else said anything, though. :)

How was your dayy

Nooo, I didn't go online when you asked this so I couldn't answer this about yesterday. D: LOL. Um, today was pretty good, though! (3/3) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANICA AND KATHARINE. :D But omg, this morning was pretty cool. Full had to buy some chocolate for Danica's present, and wrap it and everything at Livo Westfields, but didn't finish in time so I was walking to the station while like wrapping and sticky-taping her present LOL. Forgot my train pass! :'( Had to buy a ticket. Fucking sucks. :'( But today was good, and Danica got mad-ass presents! :D NP concealer, DKNY perfume and MAC lipstick, plus two cute paper mache figures (a shoe and a Chanel bag)! Wow, I just noticed all the stuff she got was branded, LOL. Oh, plus a Mimco wallet from Ken, and an Urban Originals clutch from Anne. Today was pretty bludge, had two subs out of three subjects. OH, and Vivian had this really nice wasabi flavoured seaweed! :D Full nice, keke. But I have ravioli right now, and omg, so good. :) Today was good!

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