Hmm, what did I even do today. I had to buy a ticket, grr, I swear, $3.60 on stupid fucking train tickets is omg really annoying me. :I At least Katie gave my pass back after school. But still, wtf man, that's fucking bs. I bought a mini iced coffee today. They're soo good. I love iced coffee. :D

Um .. Man, my skin is really dry. Badly need to moisturise. Like I moisturised one arm, just then, and it feels soo good, feels so 'refreshed' and cool. LOL. Um, double ag this morning was boring. Art was with Biczo and we didn't do anything. History was alright, we just discussed stuff. Maths, Mr Dillon doesn't like our corner and our class was pissing him off. English with Smith is pretty cool, you wouldn't think she's that cool, LOL.

I was talking to Yvy on the bus about what I should wear to Jennie's (12/3). :S And I think I'm gonna have to borrow stuff off people? :S Like I hope it's not weird or anything, but I think I'm gonna have to ask Angela if I can borrow the skirt she wore at swimming carnival, and maybe borrow Danica's heels. :S Cuz I don't wanna spend too much, but I don't have like heels or a skirt or anything that'd really fit 'Dress to Impress', ughh. Idk, I hope it's not weird or nething if I ask if I can borrow their stuff. Oh and I have to borrow these bracelets off Yvy. Makes me feel so bad/look so bad, yeah? :0 But yeah, Yvy said it should be alright when I ask, wouldn't be weird or nething. I hope not. :S

I feel like taking photos. Songs I really like atm: Replay (SHINee), Not Young (U-Kiss), Bingeul Bingeul (U-Kiss).

Was meant to link Vanessa, Yvy and Anna G this scary shit I found on Blosia's Tumblr. Here's the link. It's really scary. For me. :S :S

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