644 Happy birthday, Danica!

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Happy birthday Danica!
Love you heaps, hope you had a good day. :D

So today, I kinda really had to cram getting Danica's present. Aw, I really wish I took a photo of my wrapping and stuff, LOL, cuz I really liked it .. So like, secret's out, but the MAC lipstick I said I bought a few days ago actually wasn't for me, and that was Danica's birthday present, keke. If anyone's wondering, then the shade is 'Bombshell', and fricken gg, she likes it. ^^ I'd be soo .. not cut, but not that happy if she didn't like it. Cuz I spent a while trying to find a nice shade, LOL, and I was just really hoping she'd like it and stuff. :) So I was thinking a few nights ago, how was I meant to give Danica her present? Cuz if I just wrapped it like that, then it'd be soo obvious that it was a lipstick. So I was full thinking, right, and finally I decided to buy a box of chocolates, like a small box, like how you used to be able to get Lindt chocolate (like the balls that had the liquid centre) in a small square box? Yeah, was planning to get that, and put the lipstick in there, and wrap the whole thing and yeah! Cuz Danica would open it and be like, Err what the fuck, she got me chocolate for my birthday, and then she'll open it and like WHOA SHIT BRO, IT'S A MAC LIPSTICK. LOL. Ages ago, my sister bought a .. 40m (I think?) roll of drawing paper from Ikea, and it's just a roll of paper that's offwhite and slightly thicker than paper, and it has a bit of texture? Yeah, I think I'll wrap all the presents I give this year in that, cuz I wrapped Vanessa's present in that (which was a Kikki.K diary, btw) and I wrapped Michelle's in it already (hopefully she doesn't read my blog). And then I was thinking during ag the other day that I'll draw on the drawing paper, just in pen, and just draw like brand logo's, like the Chanel C's and etc etc. So I ended up doing that yesterday, and yeah, it looked .. cute. LOL. ^^ And then I was planning to find a black silk ribbon and tie a bow around it, but yeah, I didn't end up getting it. And I didn't end up going to the shops to get chocolate yesterday, which was planned.

Sooo, last night I took some ribbon, which was like a neutral/cream colour (matching the paper I was wrapping her present in) and tied a bow, and the other ribbon I was using to put around the whole present (cuz the cream ribbon wasn't long enough) was just a paper-y ribbon, and it's like shiny white and slightly transparent. I got to Livo in the morning and went into Woolies, and I was looking for the Lindt chocolate in the SQUARE BOX, and OMG, they don't make it in square boxes anymore! They're like, long and rectangular! So I was like, Shit man, okay, what do I do, and I took a while trying to figure out what chocolate to get her, cuz I really wanted a square box, lol, so I ended up getting her a 3x3x1 Ferrero Rocher box? It's cute, LOL. So I bought that, it was like $6-something. Went to a table and wrapped her present. Full brought my scissors and sticky tape, ribbon, prepared wrapping paper and prepared bow, LOL, and yeah, I wrapped it and stuff. :D But omg, before I could wrap it, I had to open the box of chocolates and put the MAC lipstick in there, right? So I opened the chocolate, taking off the Ferrero Rocher sticky tape on the sides and .. the chocolates were in a small kinda frame thing? Like when you buy eggs, and they have the little moulds/frames so the eggs have their own little spot and won't move around? So omg, I took one row of chocolates out and was like, Oh shit, I'm gonna have to cut this frame up in order for the MAC lipstick to fit. LOL. So I had to cut the frame (which was just plastic) and everything so that it was like .. the outer two rows, but I had to keep the sides of the middle row, so it wouldn't look as sus? o___o But yeah, LOL, ended up getting that done, and put the MAC lipstick in the middle. And then I realised, Oh shit, you can still see it if cuz the Ferrero Rocher sticker on the lid doesn't cover the whole thing, so I full searched my bag for spare paper so I could cut a square out of it, to cover all the chocolates so you couldn't see through, but all I could find was an envelope, LOL, so I had to cut a square out of that. :( So I had to do ALL of that before I could actually wrap it, omg. I didn't have enough time to wrap the whole present at Westfields, all I got done was doing the first wrapping thing so you can't see the present unless you look from the sides, and I trimmed the sides. So while walking to the station, I folded and did the sides, and got my sticky tape and scissors out of my bag and sticky-taped the sides down and therefore finished the wrapping, LOL. Got to the station (forgot my train pass, had to get a ticket lol) and I hadn't put the ribbon on or anything .. Oh, but the way I wrapped it, the brands I previously drew onto the paper and the aligning of the present/paper made it look like .. it was kinda like a gradient? Like at the top of the present the brands were more closer and packed together, and then towards the bottom of the present there were more gaps? Idk, but it was nice (and accidental, kinda). :) Yeah, so I put the present back into my bag and then got onto train, hugged Danica, etc, etc. Finished wrapping the present in roll call, so that was just putting on the silver ribbon and then adding the pretty bow on top. And it was soo cute .. LOL. ^^ Keke. Idk, I really liked it. Anyway, saw Danica before her p1, our rooms were next to each other, and then I gave it to her and yeah. :D So that's my intense story of how I crammed wrapping Danica's present.

Err. Before 12am, I started typing up a text to Danica. And I ended typing it at like, a bit after 12am. It was exactly 12 messages long. :I Anyway, so I hastily sent it to her, and in the 'To:' part at the top, I just wrote Danica, and then when it popped up asking me which Danica to send it to in my contacts (cuz I've got DANICA, DANICA IS THE BEST and Danica's Mum; meant to send it to DANICA IS THE BEST), I clicked the top one which was just DANICA and omg, so I sent the 12 message long message to the wrong number. And I was sitting there, watching it send, and I'm like, Shit, should I cancel? But fucking decided not to. Before it even finished sending, I called Danica, and said, Hey I sent your birthday message to your other number, and she's like, What other number? o__o But she figured out which phone that was, and she turned it on, and fuck man, she didn't end up getting the fucking message! I was so cut, cuz I'm not gonna send it again, it's gonna mega put me back in my cap, gahh! T___T""""" But yeah, I let her read it off my phone. But fucking hell, man, fucken .. can't believe I sent it to the wrong phone! :(

Oh hmm, what else did Danica get .. She got a NP Trio Concealer from Angela as well as a card, omg, LOL. Heaps of people chipped in, and got her DKNY Be Delicious and a cake. I got her lipstick, mm. Ken got her a Mimco wallet. Anne got her an Urban Originals clutch, but I think she plans on getting her something else as well? Vivian made a little paper mache shoe and a Chanel bag. Full cute. :D

Sport was tiring, school was boring, had two subs out of three classes. Oh! Mr Coombes drew out a circle on the floor, out of methylated spirits, then Shelley stood in the middle and Sir set the ring on fire. What a badass! Coombes is really good, man. Really glad I have him this year! :D

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